1. Zorropa y la torre de las sombras

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Zorropa y la torre de las sombras

    Info Zorropa is a solo indie videogame lead by Nahuel Paillapi that its currently in development since august 2020. What is this game? in this game you have to find five sun medals to beat the game, you can find them by platforming or fighting enemies. Currently we have only one level finish...
  2. CYCLE (SAGE '21 Demo)

    SAGE 2021 - Demo CYCLE (SAGE '21 Demo)

    External Link in case the site is down: dvtzr.itch.io/cycle CYCLE is a metroidvania-style game, fashioned after GBA-era visuals and aestethics, and heavily inspired by the Mega Man Zero series. It is currently in development. The tower of the Stars which powers the continent, mysteriously...
  3. Toree 3D

    SAGE 2021 - Complete Toree 3D

    A bite-sized 3D Platformer with a few weird elements. - Features - Late 90s low poly aesthetic Fast paced platforming 9 levels with unique elements 2 secret characters to unlock DOWNLOAD - Exclusive SAGE 2021 Demo (featuring two levels only available through the full version up until now!)...
  4. Star Man 2: Reupgraded

    Star Man 2: Reupgraded

    Star Man 2 is a sequel to Blyka's Star Man, a game in which the player controls Mega Man 5 boss Star Man. Star Man is tasked with fighting against the Stardroids from Mega Man V on the Game Boy, equipped with his iconic Star Crash. The game is similar to a Mega Man title, although Star Man's...


    MEGA MAN PERFECT BLUE is an all-new fangame that aims to reinvent the classic Mega Man methodology, both aesthetically and functionally. Play as the good old Blue Bomber, who is now joined by his sister, Roll! Shoot, blast and slash through waves of powerful enemies and incredible bosses with...
  6. Delta-Gal


  7. Poker: Panther Chameleon

    Poker: Panther Chameleon

    The main website and the downloads can be found on itch.io. In Poker: Panther Chameleon you play as Poker, a blue anthropomorphic Panther Chameleon (duh), but watch out for the deadly dangerous Peggedepenguins! Poker: Panther Chameleon is a short, one-level prototype for an idea inspired by...