MEGA MAN PERFECT BLUE is an all-new fangame that aims to reinvent the classic Mega Man methodology, both aesthetically and functionally. Play as the good old Blue Bomber, who is now joined by his sister, Roll! Shoot, blast and slash through waves of powerful enemies and incredible bosses with state-of-the-art 8-bit graphics and funky beats! Only YOU can stop the Phantasm Nemesis!!


This demo includes 2 of the planned ~9 stages to be featured in the final game.



AbsoluteLoser - code
CSketch - design, trailers
Cruise Elroy - design, code
TheSkipper1995 - design
Zieldak - code
Noivs - character artwork
rcrdcat - character artwork
Caliginous - character artwork/design
Lu Nachi - character artwork/design
Art Kujo - character artwork
MiniMacro Sound - background artwork/additional sound
Unlimited Trees - background artwork
MovieMovies1 - sound design
Karakato - promotional artwork
Roxcon - additional artwork
Pegg - additional artwork
RRThiel - director, game/character design, sound composition

Latest reviews

Este é um dos melhores fan games que já joguei, gráficos incríveis, música muito boa, história com um bom potencial. Acho que a única coisa que mudaria, sério, tornaria o roll um pouco menos poderoso. Fora isso está tudo ótimo (um forte abraço do Brasil)
This game feels pretty hallow, to be honest.
Honestly pretty underwhelming and could barely bring me to finish the demo. Like cmon, we get it Japanese and bit-crushed voices and audio is cool but it's getting pretty old already. The level design was pretty bland and Roll is completely broken. Music was not very mega man and not that good either tbh. Also, the sound design in super weird and oddly pitched down? If you want to make this game good I suggest you fire all your level designers and composers and replace them with ones that actually get mega man.
Pyra's Wolf
Pyra's Wolf
How is it old exactly anyway, the music sounds nice IMO and artists can have an art design, why not have a sound design.


I went ahead and did the game no-hit. (No Charge Shot) While I should ofc record it, and do it with no checkpoints, the boss patterns are really cool.
My criticism is that the charge takes too long even if it does a ton of damage, you're given over 5 seconds to get on to the top platform and deal massage damage to him. It's his easiest attack to dodge, you could even make the platforms move or something.
9 Stages?

So does that mean less than 8 robot masters? (6) + 3 Wily Stages?
This has 2 stages in it? So does "9 stages" include the roll versions?
This is one of the best fan games I've played, incredible graphics, very good music, history with a good potential. I think the only thing that would change, seriously, makes the roll a little less powerful. Other than that everything is great (a strong hug from Brazil)

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