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MEGA MAN PERFECT BLUE is an all-new fangame that aims to reinvent the classic Mega Man methodology, both aesthetically and functionally. Play as the good old Blue Bomber, who is now joined by his sister, Roll! Shoot, blast and slash through waves of powerful enemies and incredible bosses with state-of-the-art 8-bit graphics and funky beats! Only YOU can stop the Phantasm Nemesis!!


This demo includes 2 of the planned ~9 stages to be featured in the final game.

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Absolute masterpiece.

The graphics are stuning, the controls are extremely tight, both charachters have unique movesents, for exaple, megaman has the charge shot and the slide, and roll-chan has the dash and the broom slash.
For one level this demo has a lot of replayability and enough story to get you hype for the upcoming versions.
Dont waste your time reading reviews and PLAY THIS GAME IMMEDIATELY!
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An absolute must-play in the realm of Mega Man fangames.

The polish and attention to detail on just these two stages is so good, it feels like an official game. Scratch that, it's better. As a longtime Mega Man veteran, the difficulty feels absolutely perfect, but it might come across as frustrating for newcomers to the series. Thankfully, it looks like the life counter has been removed, alleviating unnecessary tension, and checkpoints can now be destroyed for more currency, à la Shovel Knight. Both excellent changes that emphasize player agency and reward those willing to risk a longer trek if they happen to fall down a bottomless pit.

The soundtrack is a masterpiece, in a game series known for its masterful music. The intro stage theme is fantastic, yes, but even the victory jingle and end credits theme shine with their own unique personality. The other stage themes on RRThiel's youtube channel have me beyond excited to play the full game.

I could ramble about this game for hours, but I won't. Just please, go play it for yourself. You won't regret it.
This is hands down the most unique and promising Mega Man fan project I've ever had the pleasure of playing. It's a damn shame that this only has 3.5 stars on here right now because this game is deserving of SO MUCH PRAISE.

I first found out about this game through its soundtrack, and it is straight up BANGING. I have the theme for the intro stage in my Twitch playlist so that I can hear it as often as possible. RRThiel is an incredibly skilled composer and it shows in this project. 10/10 would listen forever if I could.

I'm in love with the artstyle and overall visual design of the game. Everything has this awesome 90's vaporwave/webcore feel and look to it, and although I wouldn't have initially thought to use that kind of aesthetic for a Mega Man game, it absolutely works. The spritework is very nice as well--I love all of the characters' new looks.

Hard for me to definitively judge the level design since there's only two levels to go off of right now, but I didn't notice any glaring issues that hindered my experience (other than one particular jump from a ladder onto a ledge in Mega Man's stage--I've attached a screenshot of it for reference). The two bosses offered by the demo were satisfying to learn and beat.

Gameplay is very solid. Mega Man plays about how you would expect, which is great! If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? For me though, the star of the show is Roll-Chan. She plays similarly to how Zero plays in MMZ, and what a welcome addition to a classic-style Mega Man game! Playing as her is SO much fun--she's a total power trip. Even just moving around with her is satisfying, not to mention using her broom to slash through enemies. Very much looking forward to getting to play more levels with her. I also really appreciate how much you can customize your experience in the settings. The ability to change the shape and position of the health bars was a thing I didn't know I wanted, but really like now that I have it. It shows that the developers really are thinking about the player and their variety of potential preferences.

Overall, this is an expertly made love letter to the Mega Man series that really does bring a fresh and unique experience to the table. I can't recommend it enough and I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing more of this game in the near future!!! Good job guys :)'

Oh yeah here's that one jump I had trouble making on my first playthrough:
I did manage to get it consistently after learning where on the ladder to jump, but it might be a little confusing for people newer to the Mega Man games. You can honestly take it or leave it though, it's not THAT much of an issue.
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Nice review dude! :)
I loved your points on the aesthetic and custom setting options
I definitely agree with the vaporwave aesthetic, wished I had mentioned it in my own review.
And the settings do bring customization previously unheard of in Mega Man games.
Your review makes me jelly of my own :)


I went ahead and did the game no-hit. (No Charge Shot) While I should ofc record it, and do it with no checkpoints, the boss patterns are really cool.
My criticism is that the charge takes too long even if it does a ton of damage, you're given over 5 seconds to get on to the top platform and deal massage damage to him. It's his easiest attack to dodge, you could even make the platforms move or something.
9 Stages?

So does that mean less than 8 robot masters? (6) + 3 Wily Stages?
This has 2 stages in it? So does "9 stages" include the roll versions?
This is one of the best fan games I've played, incredible graphics, very good music, history with a good potential. I think the only thing that would change, seriously, makes the roll a little less powerful. Other than that everything is great (a strong hug from Brazil)
Would really love a newer update with maybe a couple more stages playable. I wanted to stream this to my channel but in reality the demo is short. I don't really have much to say about it so far. Mostly because of the lack of playable content. So far it seems very promising and I've following for an update regularly.
the only thing bad about this game, is how hard it will be, just like every other megaman games, you will die easily from pits., unless this game has easy mode???
i heard megaman perfect blue is being released sometime in 2021 does anyone know when what month and day? i played the demo looks very good too.
Im not going to lie I am terrible at this game (didn't get more then four screens into a level )but what I seen is freaking amazing wish I actually could play this
AMAZING GAME AND I mean amazing the movement could use a little work,I cant wiat for the full game though the devs did good with the music

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