This is hands down the most unique and promising Mega Man fan project I've ever had the pleasure of playing. It's a damn shame that this only has 3.5 stars on here right now because this game is deserving of SO MUCH PRAISE.

I first found out about this game through its soundtrack, and it is straight up BANGING. I have the theme for the intro stage in my Twitch playlist so that I can hear it as often as possible. RRThiel is an incredibly skilled composer and it shows in this project. 10/10 would listen forever if I could.

I'm in love with the artstyle and overall visual design of the game. Everything has this awesome 90's vaporwave/webcore feel and look to it, and although I wouldn't have initially thought to use that kind of aesthetic for a Mega Man game, it absolutely works. The spritework is very nice as well--I love all of the characters' new looks.

Hard for me to definitively judge the level design since there's only two levels to go off of right now, but I didn't notice any glaring issues that hindered my experience (other than one particular jump from a ladder onto a ledge in Mega Man's stage--I've attached a screenshot of it for reference). The two bosses offered by the demo were satisfying to learn and beat.

Gameplay is very solid. Mega Man plays about how you would expect, which is great! If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? For me though, the star of the show is Roll-Chan. She plays similarly to how Zero plays in MMZ, and what a welcome addition to a classic-style Mega Man game! Playing as her is SO much fun--she's a total power trip. Even just moving around with her is satisfying, not to mention using her broom to slash through enemies. Very much looking forward to getting to play more levels with her. I also really appreciate how much you can customize your experience in the settings. The ability to change the shape and position of the health bars was a thing I didn't know I wanted, but really like now that I have it. It shows that the developers really are thinking about the player and their variety of potential preferences.

Overall, this is an expertly made love letter to the Mega Man series that really does bring a fresh and unique experience to the table. I can't recommend it enough and I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing more of this game in the near future!!! Good job guys :)'

Oh yeah here's that one jump I had trouble making on my first playthrough:
I did manage to get it consistently after learning where on the ladder to jump, but it might be a little confusing for people newer to the Mega Man games. You can honestly take it or leave it though, it's not THAT much of an issue.
Nice review dude! :)
I loved your points on the aesthetic and custom setting options
I definitely agree with the vaporwave aesthetic, wished I had mentioned it in my own review.
And the settings do bring customization previously unheard of in Mega Man games.
Your review makes me jelly of my own :)
First I like to say that I made an account just to bump up the review score on this project; It was really promising and really enjoyable, it deserves more than 3 stars.

I love megaman fangames, and this is the one I am currently the most exited for, yes even more than mmx corrupted. the soundtrack is phenomenal, the art design is top notch, much better than the average bland 8-bit sprites of the average official feeling fan games (and fan game feeling official games, Im looking at you 9 & 10) the gameplay is super tight and the subtle differences that megaman and zero roll bring even insentivised me to replay this demo twice. The story in this demo isnt much, but I think it will set up a great story in the finished product. The main antagonist is wily, sure, but his main henchman this time is cliche, but also super terrifying.

9/10, must play, would play again. It might be too hard for a newcomer, but for the many content starved mega-fans out there this demo will quench their thirst for long enough. Roll feels a bit too broken, breaking through invincible enemies feels too op, and could be replaced with stuff like more diverse attacks to still make her feel like the melee powerhouse she is supposed to be, but not the all around ultimate weapon she now feels like.

When this fangame comes out it probably wont cost money, seeing as that would be illegal, but I'll gladly donate to anyone involved.
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This is a really good demo. Great music, art design, interesting story premise, and really good game feel. I'm hooked.

P.S: just take my money RRthiel, take it!
This amazing fan project is essentially the sonic mania of mega man games. RRthiel and his band of merry men have truly been able to capture the spirit of all the great mega man games into a project seeping with passion.

Firstly, the visual design, god this is a pretty game, the 16/8 bit look of mega man looks superb, harkening back to Mega Man 7's visual design(which I really like). Everything is so vibrate, expression and detailed, clearly a lot of work went into this games visual design. And that animation...god it's so smooth, like butter smooth you know?

Secondly, the level design and gameplay feel, at first I was skeptical as to how the visual design would affect the gameplay, as I thought the screen crutch would make the game feel cramped and more stiff like in Mega Man 7, and I was also worried that it would make some of the same design mistakes as well. Like for example, remember in turbo man's stage how there were these moving tires that moved you when you bumped into them, well the screen crutch wouldn't allow you to accurately predict when they were going to come, and as a result you would get some pretty unfair deaths from your inability to properly time the jumps. Luckily this demo never made such a mistake, and it's visual design works in perfect harmony with the gameplay, with each obstacle and enemy made with mega man's new size in mind.
Mega Man and Roll feel so good to control, with the tight but flexible movement Mega Man has always been known for. The level design is... alright, a little basic, and even underwhelming at times, but for a tutorial level it works just fine, I just hope the later levels will pick up the slack and introduce us to some new and exciting gimmicks that give us the tight platforming Mega Man has always been loved for. Also, Roll is a little broken, but her character inclusion was an amazing choice, as it incentivizes replayability, a key stable of the Mega Man series. However unlike Mega Man 10 with its sloppy inclusion of Protoman and Bass as playable characters Perfect Blue changes the entire level design to be suited for Roll's abilities, something Capcom should've learned to do a decade ago. Also Roll attacks with a broom, so you know it worth to play as her. Finally the bosses, they have some great attack patterns that make it super satisfying for the player to maneuver around, and with some generally pretty cool designs. All in all fairly solid design and control.

Thirdly, sound design, ok do I really need to talk about the music? I mean... it's pretty obvious that it's amazing. Ok well to be fair the music isn't exactly representative of the Mega Man series and its music, and I wouldn't call it Mega Man music because of it, but it fits perfectly into the levels so its not bothering me at all. The sound effects sound good with the charged buster sounding perfect as always, with the jump and slide following suit. The enemy deaths sound okay, but the boss death sound effects I thought to be underwhelming, like you are about to deal the final blow to the final boss on the tutorial level and when you kill it instead of a hearing an expected large sounding KABOOM, you get a series of little farts for explosions and a lack luster victory tune. But I'm the development team can fix that.

Conclusion, this game has such huge potential to be a smash hit, and I am excited to see what RRthiel and his friends will be serving us in the full version of the game. I am glad to see that this development team is so passionate for the project as they truly put all of their heart and soul into the game I can just feel it. It has one or two flaws, but those are only nitpicks, I am sure that the development team will fix exactly what I complained about by the time the full version comes out. I can only hope the best of success for these talented and creative people, as based off of what I played from this demo, I sure this game will be amazing. Good luck you guys! :)

By Luca S
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TLDR I'm an idiot for saying the music isn't representative of the Mega Man series all because it's different. It's like how WarCR said it, "it's like saying Sonic Adventure's music isn't very sonic cause it's rock." My description of the music was not very good and I would like to address that I made a mistake saying what I said in my review. It is very good, for crying out loud I have RRThiel's Mega Man Perfect Blue soundtrack in my own personal playlist. THE MUSIC SLAPS make no mistake.
Excellent fangame! The controls, level design and visual design feel awesome! I'll be looking forward for updates because this demo is so promissing.
This is the most good mega man fangame ever, i'm excited to see a game like this. A promising story, some damn good bgm and control feels so good.
Btw, would a 3ds port be possible? I already own a mega man perfect blue theme on my console lol, se having the game would be the best thing in the world
Este é um dos melhores fan games que já joguei, gráficos incríveis, música muito boa, história com um bom potencial. Acho que a única coisa que mudaria, sério, tornaria o roll um pouco menos poderoso. Fora isso está tudo ótimo (um forte abraço do Brasil)
This game feels pretty hallow, to be honest.
I personally blame the hollow feel on the fact that there isn't more that is playable. We need to at least have a little more content if they want some positive reviews.
Honestly pretty underwhelming and could barely bring me to finish the demo. Like cmon, we get it Japanese and bit-crushed voices and audio is cool but it's getting pretty old already. The level design was pretty bland and Roll is completely broken. Music was not very mega man and not that good either tbh. Also, the sound design in super weird and oddly pitched down? If you want to make this game good I suggest you fire all your level designers and composers and replace them with ones that actually get mega man.
Pyra's Wolf
Pyra's Wolf
How is it old exactly anyway, the music sounds nice IMO and artists can have an art design, why not have a sound design.
tbh I liked it the way it is. It's different but it's Mega Man. I do think Roll needs a little nerf though. She does seem a little op considering she's more or less a side character. Personally I'm waiting on more content before I leave a review. As of now it's hard to review.
The compressed voices and Kanji letters are supposed to give this game a unique 90s charm compared to pretty much any other Mega Man game, so you can't really complain that it's bad because it's "old", since that's kind of the point.
Besides that, saying the music isn't very Mega Man is like saying Super Mario Galaxy's music isn't very Mario because it's orchestrated, or saying Sonic Adventure 2's soundtrack isn't very Sonic because it's too rocky.
Let artists experiment and explore new ways to do things, instead of letting them do things just like they were done before.
I also think Roll is intentionally "broken" so less-skilled players can get into the game too, which in my opinion is a much better and fitting option compared to just telling the player "Here is the same game, but easier" and instead, giving everyone more content overall.
Not that fun
Perfectly fair opinion to have
TLDR: A good swing but a huge miss
I've played a lot of Mega Man over the years and I have always known that the fans are known to make great stuff. One day, I found out about perfect blue and I learned about the immense hype fans have had for this game I decided I would play the demo when it came out. I didn't look through any of the promotional material for this game and off the hype alone, I began to think that this fangame could be as good as unlimited or rock and roll, the pinnacle of fangames out there and better than most capcom mega man games too, and after playing through it multiple times I was sorely mistaken.

Level Design: When I saw that you would only have 9 stages, I thought that you would compensate for that by making sure to go and try and make the levels have interesting gimmicks and make the levels longer, boy was I completely wrong. The level design is so bland, nothing is memorable in the levels and the whole demo just blurred together. You didn't even do any interesting gimmicks all you did was conveyor belts which have been in every single Mega Man game ever since Mega Man 2 from, 1987. I thought that maybe you would change up how it would for Roll but you failed there too. Roll is better than Mega Man in every way, with her being able to destroy projectiles and jump farther and move faster. If you're going to have different characters, at least have them have their own strengths or weaknesses to make me choose one or another instead of making one better in every single way than the other.

Graphics: I have no clue what you guys are doing with graphics. First off the color palette is so bright that nothing looks realistic and everything looks like you cranked up the contrast filter up to infinity. Another thing is the art style, why does everything look so chibi? Everything looks so deformed and weird and does not fit at all. I have no clue why you guys chose this when the NES art style for Mega Man is already perfect as it is. Y + 1, another demo at SAGE, looks way better than this contrasty, deformed mush you guys chose to do

Music/Sound: When looking at the immense hype for this game, I always heard praise for the music so I decided not to listen to any of it until the demo to keep my expectations in check and man, did you guys fail there too. The music sounds like any generic chiptune album you could find on SoundCloud. Even then the music doesn't even sound anything close to mega man. This is disappointing because good music is crucial to making a good Mega Man game.

Thank god this is demo because now you're at least able to change things before the final product. You have to basically redo the game by fixing up the level design, the graphics, and the music. If you do redo this game I'll be happy even if it takes another 10 years because then at least the game will good. You've got a lot of work ahead so I hope you'll at least do it right.
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Boi you're just mad it isn't fully 8-bit, and that it's only a tutorial level for two characters. Also have you ever even heard of good music, cause RRthiel was blasting it in front of your face if you haven't noticed. Terrible review he has no idea what he's talking about.
A Mega Man game with differing level design for the two characters? Is this real? But in all seriousness I loved this demo, and can't wait for more. Here are my overall thoughts.

Firstly you know I have to bring up the visual design it's clear you put a lot of effort into this and it works really well everything looks great, with none of it clashing with the overall visibility of the game. It left me hoping that there will be plenty of great setpieces to see throughout the game, because if they're even half as good then it'd look great.

I also thought that the music for the game was superb, escpically the incredibly catchy intro stage song. Rather than going for the Mega Man style it feels wholly unique and I think that's a credit to the game especially since this game seems to be going for it's own feel.

As for the gameplay for both characters I thought it felt incredibly smooth, for Mega specifically I thought that he felt a bit heavier than i'm used to, but it's 100% possible it could have been due to the new sprites throwing me off though. As for Roll, I had a blast playing as Roll, admittedly this could heavily be my bias towards Zero's playstyle, but dashing and cutting through everything just felt great with the dash jump feeling every bit as good as any of the X games.

Next is level design and this had to be one of my favorite parts, every threat was introduced well, and the pacing of the level just had it fly by, it seems about appropriate difficulty for an intro level as well, although I could be biased towards this as I'm used to things like Superhero mode MM9 so it could possibly be hard for a more casual Mega Man fan, but again it's hard for me to tell. And as I mentioned I really appreciated the two different intro stages, as Mega's felt more like a slower pace romp which suits his slower pace style, while I really enjoyed Roll's which was incredibly fast paced.

Both bosses were the highlight of the game for me, they both had really fun patterns that made trying to get no hit runs of them really fun, The missle attack on the second boss felt a tad punishing as it took me awhile to find a way to consistently avoid it, and it took me a second to realize that the first boss had a shockwave after it's jump that damaged you, I think that offering some kind of feedback to let the player know that the boss landing will shake the ground could help a lot. Other than that the patterns for the bosses were a lot of fun to memorize.

Lastly some miscellaneous thoughts, I really like the idea of the story from what I can tell of it so far, a Mega Man taking place entirely in a simulation is a really cool idea, and extra props for the different lines for Roll's cutscene. I definitely can't wait to see what kind of weapons will be in the final product, as good weapons really add a lot to the level design of a Mega Man level. Also I wonder if there will be sword... er... broom techniques in the final product.

All in all it was a thanks for a really fun time playing it, and I can't wait for more.
how can i download mega man ?
where is the link please