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AdvPack Season 2 SAGE Demo

where the starball is by the bridge , it was hard to boost up to get other stuff because sonic keeps tripping on something. and he also trpping when trying normal run.
sussy baka
please remove like 40% of shooty robots
I'm sorta mixed on this, I don't want to be negative but it was really confusing on where to go. I like it overall but some sense of direction would be nice. Not much to say besides that, it's made on the Infinity Engine so it plays nice, looks great. Yeah, really say much.
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I appreciate the input! I can totally understand where you're coming from which is why I added some of those arrow signs every now and then on areas players normally get lost. Developing this definitely made me realize why modern Sonic games have auto cameras.

While an auto camera is unlikely for the final build of Adventure Pack, I will definitely that into consideration. Thank you for playing and sharing your feedback!
Blue Force
Blue Force
Thanks for this game and second season
When will Sonic Infinity: Adventure Pack Part 2 launch? We are in 2021 I really enjoy the demo, but I really want to play the full game, I even recorded it, I recorded a lot, but I would really like to use Super sonic, it's other stages, at most there will be 7 stages, right? Please give feedback hug !!