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- Enemy pooling systems, performance, and mechanics are currently a Work In progress

Content Creators, please broadcast the Disclaimer portion so your viewers can see the credits!

This level is recommended for VETERAN Infinity players due to Abyssal Dungeon being an Intermediate level in the Sonic Infinity: Adventure Pack.

Update Support is currently finalized to further focus on final build development.

PLAY THE DEMO NOW (1.6GB Download Size)
Mega Link:
Google Drive Mirror:
Get ready for Funky Action™ Season 2! Get ready to reunite with the world's famous hedgehog on a high-speed cinematic adventure! And get ready to Explore stunning new worlds in speeds and in ways like never before! This upcoming rendition of the Adventure Pack is a remaster to an Infinity fangame classic that also expands upon the gameplay experience with new speeds, new levels, new areas, and new heights! This demo contains Abyssal Dungeon in it's entirely, one of many expansive levels in the Adventure Pack, all created with the Infinity Engine feel in mind.

This demo comes packed with a pause menu that includes the level & music description and several customizable settings (like HUD, POV Motion Blur) all with full gamepad support!
There is also Nvidea Ansel support which allows you to create some really dope screenshots, good for making some neat Youtube Thumbnails or photography in general.





Here's the link in case you missed the one on top -
*Google Drive Mirror:


// SAGE Update 1
- Abyssal Dungeon Act 2 Bug Fixes
- Complete music demo credit
- Main menu Pause Menu fix
- Download Size from 4GB to 1.7

// SAGE update 2 (Post-SAGE update)
- Abyssal Dungeon Act 1 Lighting improvements and new secrets
- Abyssal Dungeon Act 2 various bug fixes, spike nerfs and lighting improvements
- Item Capsule fix
- AD act 2 ending segment fix (hope y'all stop dying there so much :p )
- Disabled SteamVR & OculusVR
- Other misc. fixes

If you have feedback you'd like to address, do so in my SAGE trailer release video or Speedrun video:

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Fangame developed by NOTO G
Tested by the AdvPack Beta - Minty, PixDev, NinjaGaming101, DekuPlayz, Nekah, Dynu, SaiyanYoshi50 and Orvurator

Created with the Infinity Engine framework
Formely Created by Oban
Framework Revisors by - Max & Adam, Nekah & CaptainObvious
Additional interactive assets from Infinity+
UI powered by the UI Navigation plug-in by Goncas Mage
Nvidea Ansel Plugin - Nvidea

Title Screen screenshots - Minty

Main Stage Assets - Mutistory Dungeons by Mana Station
Background Stage Assets - Gokhan Karadayi
Additional Stage assets credited In-game

All Music Used in this Demo
Mirror Edge Catalyst - Loading Theme
Birocratic - Layback
Lone - Earth's Lungs
Thunder Force IV - Space Walk: Remix by MovieMovies1 (Remix no longer available)
Streets of Rage - Violent Breathing Arranged (Deejay Verstyle Funky Mix)
Virtual Sonic - City in the Clouds
Hyrule Castle - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - (Interior Version) (Exterior Version)
Spark the Electric Jester - Caria Valley
Street Fighter 3rd Strike - Just Before the Battle
Halo 5 - Osiris Suite, Act 3
Broke One - Sparse Grids
Tyler the Creator - IGOR'S THEME: Drums only ver. by 2nd Ward

Music Loops by Minty
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Latest reviews

I'm sorta mixed on this, I don't want to be negative but it was really confusing on where to go. I like it overall but some sense of direction would be nice. Not much to say besides that, it's made on the Infinity Engine so it plays nice, looks great. Yeah, really say much.
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I appreciate the input! I can totally understand where you're coming from which is why I added some of those arrow signs every now and then on areas players normally get lost. Developing this definitely made me realize why modern Sonic games have auto cameras.

While an auto camera is unlikely for the final build of Adventure Pack, I will definitely that into consideration. Thank you for playing and sharing your feedback!
Thanks for this game and second season
When will Sonic Infinity: Adventure Pack Part 2 launch? We are in 2021 I really enjoy the demo, but I really want to play the full game, I even recorded it, I recorded a lot, but I would really like to use Super sonic, it's other stages, at most there will be 7 stages, right? Please give feedback hug !!


You forgot to disable the OpenVR plugin. No one wants SteamVR to launch alongside a game that doesn't even support virtual reality. Not trying to be a jerk, by the way. It's just annoying when almost every dev making a Sonic fan game in Unreal forgets to disable OpenVR.
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You forgot to disable the OpenVR plugin. No one wants SteamVR to launch alongside a game that doesn't even support virtual reality. Not trying to be a jerk, by the way. It's just annoying when almost every dev making a Sonic fan game in Unreal forgets to disable OpenVR.
(idk how to work this reply system yet sorry if it doesn't reach to you lol)

Sorry about that, that's a UE4 default option went under my nose since my PC doesn't have VR support. The Post-SAGE update will disable SteamVR & oculusVR support. Thanks for letting me know!
there are areas where I can't see very well, but it's bright enough to see where I'm going, at least better than the crisis city level
I give it 7.9
[QUOTE = "herecomesthesoup1, sc-comment: 1490, membro: 12390"] Você se esqueceu de desativar o plug-in OpenVR. Ninguém quer que o SteamVR seja lançado junto com um jogo que nem mesmo suporte realidade virtual. Não tentando ser um idiota, a propósito. É simplesmente irritante quando quase todos os desenvolvedores que fazem um jogo de fãs do Sonic no Unreal se esquecem de desativar o OpenVR. [/ QUOTE]
No meu computador, o jogo funciona bem. Sem travar, então precisamos do OpenVR, pelo amor de Deus!

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