infinity engine

  1. The Dumb Sonic Gaem

    Demo The Dumb Sonic Gaem

    Gaemplae vid So, I started making my own Sonic game in Infinity Engine recently. Oh, by the way, I'm only 14 and I'm a beginning level designer. What I'm trying to say is... My game sucks.
  2. AdvPack Season 2 SAGE Demo

    SAGE 2020 - Demo AdvPack Season 2 SAGE Demo

    *EVERYTHING IN THIS DEMO DOES NOT REPRESENT THE FINAL BUILD OF THE GAME AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE - Enemy pooling systems, performance, and mechanics are currently a Work In progress Content Creators, please broadcast the Disclaimer portion so your viewers can see the credits! This level is...
  3. Sonic Infinity Engine - Crisis City Demo

    Sonic Infinity Engine - Crisis City Demo

    The demo level is made on Infinity Engine based on Unreal Engine 4. The engine was created by developer under nickname Oban, after a long development, he abandoned the project and left the engine code for other enthusiasts who want to continue its work. The level itself did in his spare time...