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  1. Dash Engine 1.3

    SAGE 2023 - Framework Dash Engine 1.3

    Dash Engine 1.3 is the newest release of the original Unreal Engine 4 fangame framework. Features new systems, optimizations, graphical improvements, and more to help you make fangames! Here’s some of what’s been added and changed for Dash Engine 1.3; Optimizations: A lot of optimizations have...
  2. AdvPack Season 2 SAGE Demo

    AdvPack Season 2 SAGE Demo

    *EVERYTHING IN THIS DEMO DOES NOT REPRESENT THE FINAL BUILD OF THE GAME AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE - Enemy pooling systems, performance, and mechanics are currently a Work In progress Content Creators, please broadcast the Disclaimer portion so your viewers can see the credits! This level is...