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unreal engine 4

  1. Honey Bunny

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Honey Bunny

    Honey Bunny is a bartender at Lucky Rabbit's Foot Casino, cutest casino in all Starlight City! She's busy at work when the no good gang, The Cool Cats, steal away the casino and the entire city's supply of cocktail cherries. Chase them down as Honey Bunny using your ears to headbutt enemies...
  2. AdvPack Season 2: Arcadia Coast Demo

    SAGE 2022 - Demo AdvPack Season 2: Arcadia Coast Demo

    Season 2 of the Adventure Pack has returned to SAGE (Sonic Amateur Games Expo) with a demo this year with Act 1 of Konilla Grove: Arcadia Coast! Take the main path and experience the biggest 2006 throwback of Sonic fangame history: Sonic GL! Players will finally get to experience Sonic GL...
  3. Brooke Vs. World Doom

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Brooke Vs. World Doom

    In the future, fun has been deemed "too dangerous". Test your limits in jaw-dropping, body shaking action to save the world from boredom in this fast-paced sidescrolling shooter! Reign destruction with weapons and powerups beyond the ordinary. Battle through crazy locales from mile-tall...
  4. Sonic AM2

    Sonic AM2

    Belated Sage 2021 epilogue: And a 1,000 Sonic fans wondered, 'why doesn't Sonic spin jump?' And 995 were heard to have uttered, '@!#?@! inverted mouse controls!?' In all seriousness, I actually had quite a bit of fun this being my first Sage, so thanks to everyone who gave feedback, posted...
  5. Chumbo Texas (SAGE 2021 Alpha)

    Chumbo Texas (SAGE 2021 Alpha)

    "There are plenty of movement-based shooters out there, but what about a movement-cringe shooter?" Chumbo Texas is my attempt at a movement shooter with some weird aesthetics and unique mechanics. Included is a character customization system based on the average Picrew, a movement system which...
  6. AdvPack Season 2 SAGE Demo

    AdvPack Season 2 SAGE Demo

    *EVERYTHING IN THIS DEMO DOES NOT REPRESENT THE FINAL BUILD OF THE GAME AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE - Enemy pooling systems, performance, and mechanics are currently a Work In progress Content Creators, please broadcast the Disclaimer portion so your viewers can see the credits! This level is...