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  1. S

    I can't get Quick bms. Mirror needed

    the title explains it all really. My internet isn't letting me get to the site that is need and I really need the program. if someone could download it and upload it to google drive or any other file sharing site that would be great! please help I really do need it,
  2. AdvPack Season 2 SAGE Demo

    AdvPack Season 2 SAGE Demo

    *EVERYTHING IN THIS DEMO DOES NOT REPRESENT THE FINAL BUILD OF THE GAME AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE - Enemy pooling systems, performance, and mechanics are currently a Work In progress Content Creators, please broadcast the Disclaimer portion so your viewers can see the credits! This level is...
  3. MrLevRocks

    An Introduction to the basics of stage art in 2D Sonic games

    Preface This is a guide initially written for the Sonic Help Zone, a website owned by PVic, by me, MrLevRocks, upon his request. Due to change of plans, I shall post it here instead and it will be linked to from there. This is not a full tutorial or an end-all guide to Sonic art, but rather...