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  1. Big Boy Boxing

    SAGE 2023 - Demo Big Boy Boxing

    Big Boy Boxing is the energetic Boss Rush game inspired by the Punch-Out!! series, emphasizing fluid gameplay, slapstick comedy, and variety in abilities. Featuring stylized hand-animated pixel art, and a retro banger soundtrack!
  2. F-Zero Pocket

    SAGE 2023 - Complete F-Zero Pocket

    Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines! The call has echoed throughout the universe once again: the F-Zero Grand Prix is back! Select one of the 30 most skillful drivers of all-time and boost your way to the top in "F-Zero Pocket", a racing fan-game made as a tribute to both the GameBoy...
  3. Essence Of Waluigi II: Eternal Awakening (SAGE '22 Demo)

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Essence Of Waluigi II: Eternal Awakening (SAGE '22 Demo)

    In order to avoid confusion, it is recommended that you play the good ending of the first Essence Of Waluigi before playing this game. One year after the events of Essence Of Waluigi, Mario & Luigi are knocked out. While they were sleeping, Waluigi brings back the Essence thanks to the help of...
  4. Essence Of Waluigi

    SAGE 2022 - Complete Essence Of Waluigi

    Ralorche's Latest fangame! 5 years ago, Luigi was killed by "the essence". As a result of this, Mario has left the Mushroom Kingdom. Now, thanks to a reoccuring nightmare, Mario has decided to go back and destroy Waluigi's essence once and for all. However, "the essence" plans to destroy the...
  5. Super Mario: All-Star Attack!

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Super Mario: All-Star Attack!

    PROLOGUE: Oh my! Bowser has stolen the All-Star from Star Haven, and Wanda, one of the sprixies, has came down from her home to warn the Mario Bros. that the entire Mushroom World is in grave danger, and it is up to them to thwart Bowser's plans before the land is warped by his jurisdiction...
  6. Princess Quest Part 1

    Complete Princess Quest Part 1

    I've been working on this fangame in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 for 8 years. It's been a labor of love as a big fan of Mario RPGs. I am only halfway done with the story, but have decided to release the first half now as Part 1. I hope the second half will come sooner than 8 years! Plot Features...
  7. Pokémon: Chaotic Flame & Harmonic Peace (SAGE 2021 Test Demo)

    Pokémon: Chaotic Flame & Harmonic Peace (SAGE 2021 Test Demo)

    "It's a brand new game, in a brand new world" Introducing SAGE and SFGHQ's first Pokémon project, Pokémon: Chaotic Flame & Harmonic Peace is a game based on the 4th and 5th generations of the Pokémon games, but with its own distinct flair. This project aims to capture the spark the Pokémon...
  8. Redstar

    Fan Game Super Mario Bros 5: It's about Time! (Complete)

    Description: Super Mario Bros 5 Is a fan game by no way affiliated with Nintendo and is suppose to be a fan made sequel to the original quadology. The Game is inspired by the old Classic Mario Games (SMB3 and SMBW mainly).The Only reason why it's not called SMB4 because 1. Super Mario Bros 4...
  9. Kirby's Halloween Adventure (2020-2021 Update)

    SAGE 2022 - Complete Kirby's Halloween Adventure (2020-2021 Update)

    (Boxart by @GAMACHEAH1, thanks dude!) Story Time: A shady presence takes over Dream Land... the entire land of Dream Land is being transformed into.... a spooky paradise?! It's Halloween Time! And everyone at Dream Land has been dreaming of celebrating it! However, a shady figure has taken over...
  10. Kirby's Dream Land Plus - v0.5.0

    Kirby's Dream Land Plus - v0.5.0

    Plot: Shortly after the defeat of the great King and the return of all the food in Dream Land, the King demands a rematch after being humiliated by a mere pink marshmallow. So with the help of his loyal assistant, he decides to break into the home of Dream Land's new hero and steal all of the...
  11. Kirby Gamble Galaxy Stories - Extended Demo

    Kirby Gamble Galaxy Stories - Extended Demo

    Kirby Gamble Galaxy Stories" is a fangame made by Team Gamble based on the Nintendo series "Kirby", taking inspiration from Kirby Super Star Ultra and Kirby Squeak Squad Story: One peaceful day on Popstar. Dedede was up to his old tricks stealing food from the citizens of Dream Land, while a...
  12. Kirby's Dream Land Plus - Demo

    Kirby's Dream Land Plus - Demo

    Kirby's Dream Land Plus is a fan game made by Team Gamble based on the Nintendo series Kirby, particularly it's earlier games from the Nintendo Game Boy with elements of the later games added in to make one big tribute to the entire series. Taking place shortly after the events of the original...
  13. DashNK

    Fan Game Ninjakoopas: Heroes of Light [NOW RECRUITING!]

    ???: SILENCE!!!! TO ALL.... DID YOU KNOW?? IT IS TIME....! THE END, IS NEAR. ALL, SHALL... F A L L!!!!!!!! The Seven... SPRINT Stones... Will be mine... and I... WILL R U L E T H E W O R L D *Evil Demonic Distorted Laughter* NInjakoopas: Heroes of Light is an upcoming Fan-Game by The...