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Kirby's Dream Land Plus - Demo


Kirby's Dream Land Plus is a fan game made by Team Gamble based on the Nintendo series Kirby, particularly it's earlier games from the Nintendo Game Boy with elements of the later games added in to make one big tribute to the entire series.

Taking place shortly after the events of the original game, Kirby returning home after returning the food the evil King Dedede had stolen comes home to find out someone had robbed him of all his snacks. So now Kirby must go on another food based quest to return all the stolen meals to his fridge.

The demo is really short, mostly to show off how the game will feel for it's final release. As a result the demo includes the hub area, a shop to purchase items, and the first section of the first stage "Green Greens". As well as three remixes of themes from the Kirby series created for the game.

We hope you enjoy the demo, and we encourage feedback so we can improve the project and make it as good as it can be!

Team Gamble:

BluePopo: Lead Director and Sprite Artist.
MegaStrimp: Programmer.
Superlolzreddit-: Beta Tester.
Austic/M3gabro: Composer.

Arrow Keys: Move
Z: Jump
X: Inhale/Stone
Down + Z or X: Slide
Press Up at the Billboard to go Green Greens Section 1 and Up at Keeby's Shop to go to the Shop Menu.

Release Video (Shows off Hub):


Latest reviews

well that was horrendously short

Faithfulness: ONE SCREEN, ONE SCREEN IS ALL YOU GET, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-- I can't say its faithful bc there's not enough content to justify it being faithful. There's so little here that you're better off with Gamble Galaxy since that one had content. The graphics look nice, and so is the music. But, because its over in like a second, I can't really enjoy it much ):

Rebreak, [Re-meh], Remake, Reinvent
I can understand the complaint of it being short, which is a fair point and is valid criticism as the demo is quite short. Which are we hoping to fix, by making sure the game does increase in length.

Though I am confused by what you meant by "ONE SCREEN, ONE SCREEN IS ALL YOU GET, REEEEEEEEE", are you referring to the hub area or the one section of Green Greens?


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