Kirby's Dream Land Plus - Demo

well that was horrendously short

Faithfulness: ONE SCREEN, ONE SCREEN IS ALL YOU GET, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-- I can't say its faithful bc there's not enough content to justify it being faithful. There's so little here that you're better off with Gamble Galaxy since that one had content. The graphics look nice, and so is the music. But, because its over in like a second, I can't really enjoy it much ):

Rebreak, [Re-meh], Remake, Reinvent
I can understand the complaint of it being short, which is a fair point and is valid criticism as the demo is quite short. Which are we hoping to fix, by making sure the game does increase in length.

Though I am confused by what you meant by "ONE SCREEN, ONE SCREEN IS ALL YOU GET, REEEEEEEEE", are you referring to the hub area or the one section of Green Greens?