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SAGE 2023 - Demo Big Boy Boxing

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Big Boy Boxing is the energetic Boss Rush game inspired by the Punch-Out!! series, emphasizing fluid gameplay, slapstick comedy, and variety in abilities. Featuring stylized hand-animated pixel art, and a retro banger soundtrack!

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This is amazing. Animations, visuals, challenge levels, everything. Cannot wait for the full game.
Big Boy Boxing is a boxing game with a lot of heart! I'm not one who normally likes sports games, but this title has a special place in my heart! I've played every BBB demo that has been at SAGE, since BBB started coming to SAGE, and I think this demo is a step up from the previous iterations. I love the addition of new characters and their introduction!
I always come back to the BBB demo after SAGE and this year is going to be no exception!

I am curious though, was there any thing that inspired Adyltman and Cousin Skank?
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I tried to lower the volume using the system volume settings and it wouldn't make the game any quieter, is there any way to turn the volume down in the game?
I know everyone's going to be talking about the animations with this one (they're amazing!), but I want to take a second to express how much I love this game's difficulty.

This is much tougher than I was expecting it to be, but in the best kind of way!
It's that style of difficulty that looks to freak you out with a seemingly impossible challenge. But then through perseverance and patience, you start to piece everything together. Discovering strategies to learn these fights and make them not nearly as scary.
And then once you have everything down, you pull it off in a single flawless run and it feels incredible!

It especially helps that every character you fight has so much personality and nuance to them. You could spend a good hour or two learning everything there is to know about how any boss works. It feels like there's even multiple ways to take them all down too. Lots of player expression potential as a result of this!

My only issue with this is that it really needs a windowed mode.

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