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A Smash Bros clone that got started during RAGE 2016 in January, finished for SAGE 2016 - now on SFGHQ! Somewhat of a meme game: simplified combat from smash games, chaotic action, silly sprites and loud overacted screaming for voices. Attack your opponents, rack up their damage in the form of percentage, and make them fly further and futher with each hit. Aim to throw your opponents off-stage!

• Windows .exe
• 2D platformer based fighting game
• Xbox controller support
• 1-2 players with keyboard controls
• 1-4 players with Xbox controllers - P3 and P4 need to hit Start in the level select to join in!
• Computer players
• 16 playable characters in total - only 4 unlocked at the start though!
• 16 stages to fight in
• Free battle, Challenge, and Arcade modes
• 14 Sonic Colors themed Game Land platforming stages in Challenge mode!
• Free-for-all and Team battles, 3 team colors
• Item boxes spawning during the battles - you can even find Wisps from them to wreck havoc for you!
• ...and lemme make it clear: no online gameplay, sorry!

How to play:
• P1 - WASD for movement, Space (and/or W) to jump, J to attack, K for special, L for shield
• P2 - Arrows for movement, numpad 0 (or Up arrow) to jump, numpad 1 to attack, numpad 2 for special, numpad 3 for shield
Note: Yes, P2 gameplay with a keyboard requires a full keyboard with numpad

Xbox controller, basic setting:
• D-pad or L-stick movement, A to jump, X to attack, B for special, Y and triggers to shield
Check the settings from the Main Menu to change controls to a few preset choices.

So, in-game, navigate through the battle arena, damage your opponents, and try to punch them off-stage to make them lose a life. Be the last one standing to win! Also, pay attention to your special meter at the bottom of the screen - if you use your special move while on ground when your special meter is full, the attack will be unblockable, and will deal massive damage!

In Game Land challenges, adventure through the stage and try to find the goal sign to clear the stage. Be careful of your HP, if you hit spikes while having no rings, or if you fall down to a bottomless pit, you will lose a life - you have 3 lifes at the start of the stage.


Updates? Probably not anytime soon, got no plans to work on this again. There are alot of things I'd like to add to the game, if the time ever comes and I'll start working on this again you can expect updates on my Youtube channel:

Metalli // Metalsonic3 (metalli is just metal in finnish)

Or in our Twitter page, held by Tyrzi. Please note that this Twitter page is used for all our projects tho, and at the moment emphasis is on our Crash Bandicoot fangame:




Game by: Metalsonic3
Stage graphics by: Metalsonic3

Character graphics by: Tyrzi
Explosions, effects, particles, etc by: Tyrzi

Voice actors:
Silent as The Announcer
SilliS as Sonic
Hukkis as Tails
Tyrzi as Knuckles
Gök as Amy
Rindou as Marine
Metalsonic3 as Silver
Rovo-sede as Shadow
Cadetthur as Eggman
Also included, not to spoil the characters: Nano, Terppa, Sampo, Darkkis, Zode, Fiffe and JohisLohis

Most of those names might seem really foreign, that's cos we're all finnish.

Still reading this? Let me tell you a cheat code then. If you want to unlock everything right away (except for all the challenges) and just have fun, go into the Settings and write GIVEMEALL into the name field and hit Enter. The name will turn to "No saving!" if you did it right, you can then write your own name there. Have fun!
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umm could you draw better or maybe 3D?
I'm not the only artist here. You might wanna check my/our Crash Bandicoot game to see something abit higher effort and better quality. If it still isn't to your liking you might want to just check games from other devs. 3D though, nope, I don't have any experience with that stuff.
This game is amazing! I would LOVE to see another game in this style but on a modern Sonic game. I love the wide cast of characters!
I still can't believe this was made in clickteam fusion, i think this was the original reasons why i wanted to learn to make games, still cannot remember.

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