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Complete Active Object Game


Hey. This is both a "complete" project and a not-so-super-well-optimized engine for Clickteam Fusion, download the "" to grab all at once.

So, yeah, I wanted to try and see if I could make a Suika Game clone with Fusion using the built in physics system, aaand less than a week later here we go!

I'm sure many are already familiar with Suika/Watermelon Game, but the idea is simple - drop colored shapes down (originall fruits), match the same ones to merge em bigger, and rack up points. Weirdly addicting. In this one you drop enlarged and different colored Active Objects (the basic objects of Clickteam Fusion), and you may even select different stages and settings to fool around with. The graphics and so on aren't amazing so you may even think of the .exe file as a tech demo, but it should work as intended otherwise.

Check out the screenshots, download the project, have fun! The source file is free to use. If there's any game breaking bugs (ones not related to physics) do lemme know.

I'm not planning on adding more features.



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