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Sonic Battle R - Public Prototype

Average User Rating:
  • SonicBattleRlogo.png

    The public Prototype is here

    20+ Players Online Multiplayer!

    Gather your friends and see who is truly the fastest in this no hold bared fast track. Featuring many different stages from the Sonic series, enhancing the stages with new features for multiplayer.
    Join the Discord!

    Customize Characters
    Win Items
    Hub Worlds
    Unseen mechanics to the Sonic Series
    Chaos Shift


  • Team Cross FEVER:
    JMan - Creator / Game Designer / Programmer / Level Designer / Modeler / Animator / Artist / Ripper
    RedBlur - Animator / Modeler / Artist
    Jalex777 - Stage Ripper
    ZettaSlow - Amazing Logo
    Hupper - Sonic's Portrait

Attached Files:

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Neralu
  2. KarmaJuice
    Can you make it so you can go to a random server and play casually
  3. Setsune
    I like the idea of an online racing game running through a hodgepodge of various Sonic levels. Even including Secret Rings was a nice surprise! I didn't get a chance to play online, but I was relieved to find the game still worked fine in Single Player. There's a lot to choose from here, but many of the stages need some focus on polish to make them more naturally playable. But I appreciate where this is going!

    JMan likes this.

User Comments

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  1. ZombiEGamer_247
    I just looked at the Description and thought to myself... "Seems neat.... Custom Characters?... I... need... this..."
  2. Abro
    Amazing game!! Love the potential and can't wait to see the final product. Definitely gonna keep my eye out for this one. Great work again!!
  3. Garulios64FanBoy
    Wow! This Is Pretty Fun! 78.6% / 100% Fun
  4. Max_The_Hedgehog
    Hello! The Game is seem to be Amazing, i like speciually some secret levels hiden in like..nowhere :emoji_laughing: and so..It's cool and it's very fun to play with his friends with some Differents characters for maybe some new strategies like maybe, Knuckles witch he will fly up the Dino Jungle by example (sorry if i write bad the name) and ect and ect. Well this is good! this normal that the Spindash is a little..weird? I mean like..He go very slow when i Reacing and when i'm in the Hub, it's like a normal spindash like, everythings okay. I dunno if this is a little bug when we launch the first time or..i don't know. But it's still a very good and original game! I have a Question (or two lol) about this..if you want upgrade it. Do you accept some requests for new characters or stages, or maybe some events like in a random moment, there? If yes maybe put some Events or other gamemode like, maybe like a Boss Vs. Like We Race and while we Race we should kill the Boss, but if we Finish the race but we don't kill the boss, we lose. But if we kill the Boss, we win. After you can put some gamemode simple or more fun like...Team Race and maybe some characters to unlocked, plus hats if possible. Well..That's all that i propose. Thanks for create this fun game and i hope you will continue! Well see ya!
  5. Luso5
    Hello, The game seems to have a great pontential, i played 2/3 days ago with a friend in his computer and i like it, i asked him to send me the link to download the game to race other day online, i downloaded the game today (Via Mirror Google Drive, the other link din't work for me) and when i tried to open it, an error appears telling that the game only runs on x64Bits, so i cant play it...
    Q: The game will be able to run x86/x32bits other update?

    Pd: Sorry if i have bad English, im not a native talker
  6. SmileyWorld
    amazing game!
    1. JMan
      thank you!
      JMan, Aug 29, 2018
  7. Atlas
    Hi! I love the concept for this! I was wondering if you could help me out though. im trying to play this multiplayer, but when i type in my friends SBR code and click connect nothing happens. Am i doing something wrong?
    1. JMan
      did they forward port 7500 UDP. Also make sure the host's firewall isn't blocking the connection
      JMan, Aug 27, 2018