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SAGE 2022 - Demo Battle Cross FEVER - SAGE 2022

General Information

Battle Cross FEVER v0.6

Whats new in v0.65:
- New Characters
- New Stages
- New lock On system
- Updated characters
- Color Palettes

VS. Mode:
Play up to 18 players fighting to see who is number 1! On crazy active stages.
Controllers are support right off the back. Xbox 360/One and Gamecube has been tested. PS4 controllers haven't been fully tested but they do work.


SAGE 22 - Sonic Fan Game 4 out of 69 - Battle Cross FEVER - SAGE 2022
Uhhh, so this is embarrassing as I can't really leave a rating on this without any friends to play with to get a definitive view, since it seems that's the way to play the game. So, I will skip this game for now.
Though, I will say I still enjoyed playing solo with just non-moving players. Once I gather up someone to play this with, I can tell this will be fun to play.

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