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SAGE 2022 - Demo AS2R: Another Sonic 2 Remake (SAGE '22 Demo)

General Information

View AS2R's original "High Quality" art here
AS2R has been updated to v2.1! See updates for more info!

I am just an average person who grew up with the original Master System version of Sonic 2. I have always loved it's unique style. Since I was a kid I have dreamed of making a Sonic fan game. So I taught myself how to animate, make sprites, and how to script - so I could make that dream come true!


Welcome to Another Sonic 2 Remake! A hand crafted re-imagining of 8 Bit Sonic 2, designed to be a prequel to 16 bit Sonic 2! Inspired by the amazing music, fan games and YouTube content created by the Sonic community and the "digitised" games of the 90's.


This project aims to:
- Honour the original game's difficulty
- Modernise the gameplay to Sonic 3&K/Mania Standards
- Re-imagine the level design & Boss fights
- Tell a story that connects it to the 16 bit games.

This demo features:
- Hand drawn and digitised art
- Brand new remixes scouted from across the Sonic Community
- Spin Dash, Peel Out, Drop Dash... And more!
- 7 complete Acts to explore!
- 5 Bosses
- Boss Rush Mode
- Time/Score Attack Mode
- Casual/No Rings Modes

This game is powered by the Open Surge engine, a free and open source learning tool!


Arrow Keys: Movement
Space Bar : Jump
Enter: Pause/Reset(Time Attack)
Esc: Exit
=: Screenshot
???: Debug Mode

Xbox One:
D-Pad: Movement

A/B/X/Y: Jump
Select: Back/Quit

Start: Pause/Reset(Time Attack)
Other Controllers:

I recommend adding this demo to your steam library and mapping the keyboard controls to your controller of choice. I received confirmation that PS4 controllers also work via DS4Windows

s065.png s073.png s075.png s076.png s083.png s088.png s080.png

Known Issues that I would like to fix (but do not yet possess the knowhow):
You can reset any level if you experience any rare softlocks. Press F12 to enter debug mode then press Ctrl + R to reset the stage.
- The Barrels in Sky High Zone Act 2 do not like being drop dashed into
- Audio mixing has not been properly balanced
- Aqua lake Act 2's main gimmick is not polished, causing the water level to sometimes behave erratically.
- The game still features no save. (I am looking into it but I still do not understand)

Latest reviews

Oh my god this is amazing! It's so unique and full of quality in the style and music WOW!
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I love this!

i appreciate everything that this person was doing with this project and im looking forward to see more!
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The game is neat, though I'm giving it 3 because of such drawbacks:
1. The level design is decent, having a good balance between challenging and entertaining tracks and loops. However, I'd suggest naming this game not a remake, because isn't the remake's purpose to recreate the game in the fresh code of paint, but also to maintain the original game's feel? This fan game is too different from the original. Perhaps name it "Sonic 2 Reimagined" or 'Sonic 2 Remixed"?
2. The hand-drawn sprites are not bad, but cause a clash because, on one hand, you have Sonic's and background sprites, which are hand-drawn, while the level itself is pixelated. Also, they can be inconsistent, for example, Sonic becomes bigger when he gets hit.
3. The levels can drag for too long, taking in a range of 4 to 12 minutes. The 3-1 level took me the whole 12 minutes, which I guess is not intentional, since it has even caused the timer to count like it's from 1 minute. I don't know how you can fix that, but it's just something I didn't like since I felt burnt out while playing this demo.
4. The bosses are questionable at best. The 1-1 boss doesn't have something called "the laws of physics" since the ball shouldn't just jump on the hill that goes up, just because Sonic is there. The 1-2 boss doesn't tell the player what to do. I was lucky enough to spindash just because I wanted to, but I can see this boss being confusing for other players. 2-1 was fine, 3-1 was too easy and 3-2 was just ass. I was so confused why didn't he pull up his ball after he bounced under me? He was just standing there, waiting to bounce on again and repeat the same process 'till I died because I fell in the water. I was about to rage quit, but fortunately for me, I was able to cheese this boss fight by just moving my camera so he would be on the corner of the screen and only then he pulled up his balls. Please replace it or fix it..
5. Personal preference, but I'm not a fan of some remixes you chose.
6. And finally, the bugs. There were there from time to time. I can't recall what I encountered, since I can't remember anymore, but I remember that doing a peel-out on some clouds can cause Sonic to slowly go down.

Anyway, it's a hit-and-miss fan game to me right now. You can take my criticism into consideration or not, it's up to you. But my opinion will stay the same until you do.
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Thank you very much for writing this detailed review. This will certainly help me going forward!
1. Thank you. Level design flow is important to me. I will be sticking with the name AS2R as it has more layered meaning. I have been honest in the credits and said "based on the original" XD
2. Absolutely everything (barring a handful of OG opensurge sprites for effects) has been hand drawn on the ipad app procreate and then converted to sprites on a PC, including the backgrounds. I am still learning but if you could give me any art tips going forward, that would be great. Sonic's sprites clash as some of them are the original pencil & paper ones. Are there any animations in particular you really liked that I should use as a foundation?
3. I can only apologise for burning you out. I am also sorry that there is no save feature. I am making some key considerations for the final game because the last thing I want to do is upset a player
4. Now boss design. I apologise for ALZ. They are incomplete as they were made a month before the event, I hope to make the ALZ bosses more exciting and easier to figure out. Interesting cheese. Each boss does indeed have a cheese method. I am an enjoyer of patience and animation based combat like Dark Souls & Monster Hunter. I find 2D sonic bosses to be boring and I wanted the Master Robots to be memorable. I like Dimps. I hope this helps explain my thinking. This will be a point of contention for sure and I expected it. Your comments are all fair!
5. Music taste is all subjective, but what were your favourite and least favourite tracks?
6. If you encounter any bugs please get in touch and show me exactly what happened so I may fix. You can take a screenshot with +

Sounds like I do not even deserve this review! But you did it anyway! Thank you very much for your time.

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