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Sonic Advance 4 Advanced SAGE 2023 Demo 2.1.1

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Get ready for an all preference-based way of playing your classic Advance series in modern/classic mix in Sonic Advance 4 Advanced. In this all custom, fast paced game style you will be able to choose your own way of playing at your own way. Fly throughout the stages with your Boost formula or use the SA2 mechanics to do your best in SA4A.

-Note: Homing Target maybe buggy {FIXED}
Current Stage will need Rework for more excitement and is unfinished-

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Cool Game
Blue Gamer
Blue Gamer
Titan Hamari
Titan Hamari
um, how do i get out of practice mode? i started the game and i can't get out of practice.
Titan Hamari
Titan Hamari
sorry, wrong person
Really great demo, From what's seen so far I have a lot of hopes for the final product. Overall here are my thoughts.

Firstly the game plays great, at no point was I ever frustrated from things feeling slow or from anything feeling off. The game is fast and revels in the fact that it's fast. Even without boost I never felt like it was difficult to build up speed, between boosts and tricks it's incredibly easy to keep the game going fast and like any Sonic game should the better you get the faster you can go. I especially enjoyed many of the mechanics associated with tricks, one of my least favorite things from Advance 2 was how vulnerable you'd be directly after a trick, so it was to my enjoyment to see the bit of invincibility you get after landing. Another great touch from tricking I enjoyed was the tiny bit of verticality you gain from hitting the edge of a platform enough to raise you up after tricking into it, the more I got to trick the more I see the great intricacies into the system and I think it was well worth it. The only real criticism I could think of was that it took me a bit of time to get used to the controls and even on a 4th playthrough of the levels I still found myself constantly pressing the wrong button. Of course I don't think there's a lot that can be done here as every button has it's purpose, but the tutorial helps a lot in helping to get used to the game.

Next to talk about the level design it feels like a boost Sonic game in the best ways, every level really lends itself to replay to try and go fast and explore with each new try, I wonder if Advance and Modern versions of the stage will have more significant differences in the future, but I think giving a penalty of one letter grade to Advance mode is a really neat idea and adds some risk vs reward into the mode. The only criticism I can think of is that Radical Route could feel a bit busy as it was hard to tell where I was, and it was hard to tell what could and couldn't be stood on especially with the Eggman crates, and the rockets would take some finessing to get working sometime.

Boss wise, I thought the boss was ok. It's definitely the most fun I've had with a Sonic Advance 2 style boss, and I think that the game's mechanics do a lot to give you the tools to deal with that style of boss without the annoyance that came with the bosses in SA2, but I felt the way the homing attack interacted with the boss had a tendency to slam you into being hit and flying across the screen. I also thought that the secondary parts of Eggman's ship could've had a health bar that displayed as after repeated homing attacks I tended to break the part and then immediately slam forward as I would hit the button expecting to homing attack again. Also for Eggman's attacks when off screen a small indicator could go a long way in showing that missiles are coming and to get ready to dodge rather than having only a second to react before being blasted by something you couldn't see. But on the whole I thought that the boss was fun and I look forward to seeing what you'll do with other bosses.

Finally just to talk about some miscellaneous things, I really enjoyed the boss conversation as it made the boss feel more fun. I also enjoyed the set pieces in Radical Route the slow fall as the Robots charge out into the level and the rocket coming to pick you up, really made the level stand out.

All in all I think this game has tons of potential and I can't wait to see where the game is next SAGE around. Thanks for the fun time.
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How can I download
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I'm really looking forward to playing. Please send me the download link.
When I start up the game, it loads a window that really small anyway to fix this?


I don't know if I already replied to this or not but I thank you for enjoying our demo I did manage to fix that buggy homing attack action and a few more things as well. We should have a new playable demo next SAGE unfortunately there will be less content than the original design due to us developing two projects currently. Thanks again for your support.
Lately I have had problems with this demo, I mean this when I open the game everything loads normally but when I enter the first level suddenly the game crashes. I have not been able to play it because of that problem. I would be very grateful if you could provide me with a solution.
Game isnt working its just a white screen for a few seconds then it closes. This is not about the small screen btw i press f4 and it still crashes
It undeniably has many good points, but there are also medium points and bad points...
The controls and gameplay are excellent and very satisfying, but with buttons that are a little confusing at the time of the tutorials, I think they should adapt to the control used at the time such as a keyboard, xbox controller or PS4, and the tutorials should have an end to you know you completed it correctly in Sonic Colors DS style. A lot of information in a small space, which ends up polluting the screen sometimes.
Speaking of visual pollution, the boost effect is cool but quite exaggerated, added to the fact that the field of view of the scenery is little
and the character is way behind in the act.
The songs are very well placed, but the SFX ends up being a real earrape, once again, especially when it's boosted, getting very loud and even annoying.
The duration of the acts, rank conditions and exploration are very positive points. Sometimes tutorial instructions are missing but that's ok.
But now, WHY THE FUCK DOES THE GAME OPEN WITH A TINY SCREEN AND YOU HAVE TO PRESS F3 OR F4 TO FIX IT? This is confusing and can definitely be fixed in an update.
The level design is excellent too, nothing to complain about yet.
Overall it's a very good demo and I'm looking forward to the updates.
um, how do i get out of practice mode? i started the game and i can't get out of practice.
also, my computer awon't let me use f8 or f9 cuz if how its made, so is there another way i can put my game in fullscreen?
lastly, your discord link is expired. thats all.
So I'm really confused here. First of all, this game looks completely different from the last video showcases of others, there's only a playable tutorial? And i can't even complete the tutorial since i'm just falling of the map after 1 or 2 minutes in the level (and there's no music) Is this even the right download? lol

And the discord link is expired
hi,i saw that it supposedly had an update but i want to know why the game was so quiet,and if it will continue to have updates

Soo i see now i cant play in my computer because is 64bit only
i know why but you can do a 34bit version
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