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SAGE 2023 - Demo Sonic 3 Chronicles (SAGE '23 Demo)

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Sonic 3 Chronicles is a fan game about Sonic. Its first version was created by me in 2006. Now the game is being completely rebuilt. But its essence remains the same - this is an alternative version of Sonic 3, the purpose of which is to show the zones of the Competition mode (Azure Lake, Balloon Park, Chrome Gadget, Desert Palace, Endless Mine) as full-fledged levels that heroes get into due to the fact that the events in the game turned out differently: the bridge at the end of Angel Island did not collapse, and they ended up not in the Hydrocity, but in the Endless Mine. In addition to these levels, Angel Island Zone and several completely new levels are planned for this game.

This demo contains 3 full-fledged competition zones:

Endless Mine
scr02.png scr03.png scr07.png scr08.png

Azure Lake
scr10.png scr11.png scr12.png scr16.png scr17.png

Balloon Park
scr24.png scr21.png scr22.png scr23.png scr25.png

There are 4 playable characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Mighty (so far they can only be used separately).
There is a version for PC (Windows) and for Android. Both versions have gamepad support.
In the PC version, you can change the screen resolution in the settings. Both classic 4:3 aspect ratio and modern 16:9 are available.
Both in the PC version, and in the Android version, you can change the controls - in the PC version, this option comes down to binding the buttons on the keyboard and selecting the gamepad, and in the Android version, to changing the size and position of the touch buttons on the screen. When using a gamepad, the touch buttons disappear from the screen.
In addition, there are other settings - the volume of music, sound, rotation style (classic or 360 degrees), Knuckles style and more.
Have a good game!

Latest reviews

Coming back after the first demo from SAGE2022, I can finally see what this project was supposed to showcase. Really solid work on the level design, the idea, the OST (except for Balloon Park) and visuals. The physics and insta-shield (primarily in bosses) are not ideal, however if created from scratch, they are ok enough but I hope they will be finished and more flexible. Also some collisions made me fall through walls and lose a life, so something to keep in mind. Overall really hyped for the final release.
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Hi, thanks for playing my game! I will work on physics and other issues in future versions. But I don't know, what are you talking about when you mention SAGE 2022 version. I maked previous playable version of Sonic 3 Chronicles 17 years ago, in 2006. Then I decided to try to remade it in 2016, but ran into technical problems that led to the inability to use the engine, which I spent over a year creating. This greatly demoralized me, and I stopped developing the game until the end of 2022. Then I decided to begin again and here it is.
Oh, so that was just a coincidence. There is a project called Sonic 3 Other Circumstance, that tries to achieve the same goal of expanding the competition stages. Sorry for misunderstanding.
sonic 3 chronicles is my favorite! and i like it!
Let me preface this with an explanation of why this game means so much to me. Ever since I was like 6/7/8 years old I've wanted to play the competition stages as full fledged, flushed out stages and I wanted to play through Sonic 3 and Knuckles as the Chaotix. I've been wanting to do this for 28 to 30 years. Every year I'd excitedly check SAGE and Sonic Hacking Contest to see if some one has made a fangame/hack/mod that does this and this year, I was in luck! I came into this knowing Sonic 3 Chronicles featured the Competition stages as full stages, but I had no idea mighty was going to be there until I check out the booth.

Now with all of that out of the way, I give you my thoughts on this amazing game. Though note, due to time constraints I have only completed Endless Mine Zone using Sonic, so my thoughts will be based off of that.

I love how the game opens up, giving us exposition to both how the stages would connect to the main game, an explanation as to why we never see them in the main game, and perhaps an idea of where Knuckles goes after he's finished harassing Sonic in the Sonic and Tails route of Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

The game play seems true to Sonic 3 and Knuckles for the most part, with some very minor physics issues, definitely nothing that is a deal breaker.

The design here is very impressive. I love how you incorporated the original layout of the Endless Mine competition stage into the full stage. I also loved the inclusion of new badniks, new sub-boss, and boss! Equally as enjoyable is the music. The act one Music is the standard Endless Mine music, but act 2 is a nice remix, keeping with the S3&K conventions.

Thank you so much for making this project! I look forward to coming back and giving the demo a more thorough playthrough once SAGE is over. I also look forward to playing the final!
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Like you wrote, the idea is fantastic. I always wanted or hoped to play those multiplayer stages as main stages.. Such a great and well made idea turned a reality.
I realy like the concept of this fangame especialy the start of the game and the boss
The design level of the game look fine, But i d'ont like physic and the control
Why i can't see the download button (pls help me)
If you are trying to download it from mobile, find a three points button in the top right corner of page and press it

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