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  1. Sonic Island: Lost Paradise

    Sonic Island: Lost Paradise

    MORE FAN GAMES ON WEBSITE TECPEC.MYA5.RU Sonic Island: Lost Paradise - a fangame about another Sonic's adventure. Being a "Sonic Island" duology reimagining. There some old levels that can amaze you and new levels with unexpected things! Mushroom Valley - wonderful place that was a Mushroom...
  2. Sonic The Hedgehog Journey (SAGE 2018 DEMO)

    Sonic The Hedgehog Journey (SAGE 2018 DEMO)

    After Sonic Mania Adventures, after finishing their chilidogs, Mighty & Ray walk away from the Tornado and Sonic & Tails decide to hang out for a while, but then, an Egg Claw swoops in and leaves. By the time Sonic notices, it's long gone. In other news, Eggman got his hands on a new gemstone...