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Salaryman Shi

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Traverse colorful environments, battle strange creatures and master the power of your suitcases to... get to work on time? Salaryman Shi is a 2D platformer coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch where you play as the titular salaryman, Takeshi Shi, as you hurry to catch the bus to the office! Fifteen challenging levels stand between you and a paycheck, but fear not, as you have your trusty suitcases on your side.

This demo only contains the first three levels. Our plans for the final release include:
  • Fifteen levels with new visuals, songs, gimmicks and enemies
  • A mission mode that lets you play levels in unique new ways
  • A speedrun mode that rewards you for getting the best times
  • A hard mode that revamps all the levels to be much more challenging
  • Local multiplayer modes

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Latest reviews

A very fun platformer that reminds me of some Android indie games of early 2010s with a pretty fun gimmick of briefcases. Not much to say, really, aside from the demo just being... a bit too similar to a certain game known as Super M*rio World in terms of some visuals and the first stage overall.

Oh, and I didn't know that Japan's offices have been under attack by a frog, but I assume you have a source of classified information that can prove me wrong.


I enjoyed it, but the game could desperately use a third button between running and using your briefcase, since sometimes you want to adjust your speed without destroying the projectile.

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