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Tricky passages, crazy stunts and more falls than you can count - it's Paperball! Roll your ball across 150 unique stages through 10 beautiful handcrafted environments. This game will really put your balancing skills to the test!

Take on challenging stages, trying to fall as little as possible or risking it all to get the best times. Play it any way you'd like, alone or with a friend!
  • Over 150 stages spread over the course of 4 difficulty levels.
  • Race the clock in Rush Mode and try to get as far as you can before time runs out!
  • Break record times to score medals in Medal Mode to unlock new worlds!
  • No lives! You can keep going until you master the game.
  • Competitive local multiplayer where you compete for the highest score!
  • More content coming September 18th, including three new game modes and DLC level packs!
You can check out the demo there, it's a little over 700MB containing 10 levels from various difficulties and environments for you to sink your teeth in. You can also buy the full game on Steam, obviously. It's only $11.99/€9,99!

If you dig the OST, you can also listen to it for free on YouTube! My personal favorite is Stratosphere.


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