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SAGE 2023 - Demo Mobius Red Zone 2023 DEMO

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The Mobius Red Zone takes place in the same universe as animated web-series "Sonic the HEDHUG" called "HEDHUGverse". The events of 'Big Space Race' set the mysterious Red Comet on collision course with Mobius where Sonic and Co live. Later, the events of 'Dr.Eg.D.S.' may have reload the planet, but not the rest of the world, and the Comet is still slowly moving towards the Mobius, finally arriving many years later, in the time of The New Circle.
Noone expected this to happen, but at the arrival the Red Comet released the cursed energy that suddenly changed the world to its corrupted, horrible version of itself - the so-called Red Zone where even the small pretty flower on the background can turn into a devastating mechanical monster with saws and lasers, and cannons, and even more saws.
Now our heroes embark on their own adventures to reveal the truth about the Red Zone and, maybe. even stop it from spreading across the whole Mobius... yet it still exists.

Prepare to face dreadful challenges in the corrupted world of Red Zone - a place that rejects the reality and even sometimes laws of physic, a place where no mistakes are forgiven!
The new 2023 Demo-version features the complete first chapter of the four characters' story placed in Green Hill Zone and its redzoned version - Techno Hill Zone, with story cinematics.
Playable characters are Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Dr. Eggman. Each has his own unique gameplay style and abilities to use on the level that changes depending on the character you play.

Sonic - he is fast and furious, as always, but in the Red Zone this may be a huge disadvantage for him if he's not careful enough. His levels mainly consist of heavy platforming, placing lots of vicious enemies, and giving challenges that check your reaction and sometimes even a quick-thinking.

Tails "Miles" Prower - to be honest, he is not much of a fighter, because he is too smart for that. Yet, his storyline and gameplay provide a bit more of a... chasing effect and even a little bit of horror. Yes, he can fly. Yes, the game knows it. Yes, this will NOT make your life easier. His levels will always limit you... in one way or another.

Knuckles - a complete revamp of the character from Sonic & Knuckles and more into his Adventure gameplay. He searches for items with his scanner, and he can get into almost ANY place on the level because he can DIG through the level. Almost everywhere. Almost through anything. And, of course, his abilities can destroy TONS of robots at the same time, if needed. Just pay attention to hidden traps - his levels have them more than any other.

Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik - the smartest mustache fatman we ever know and usually the character that we see only from the other side of barricades. Temporarily left without his Egg-Mobile, he proves himself capable of making feats even in this situation. Armed with only a jumping device and his golden hands, Eggman can interact with the level itself, with different items, use tools, and even craft devices - literally everything needed to solve puzzles, find his way forward, and prove his real genius. And, maybe, yours too.

Developer note: This game is still in development, so some bugs are to be expected, especially on Knuckles and Dr. Eggman`s parts, and I would be glad to accept your help in testing and providing feedback.


сколько игра находится в разработке - и всё равно багов очень много, текст местами очень смешной, один плюс: музыка крутая

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