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game maker studio 2

  1. Rayman: The Dreamer's Boundary (SAGE 2021) (OLD)

    Rayman: The Dreamer's Boundary (SAGE 2021) (OLD)

    Rayman: The Dreamer's Boundary is a fan game telling an original story inside the world of Rayman. Synopsis Rayman awakens deep in the woods of the Glade of Dreams to discover that Nightmares have invaded the once peaceful land. With all his friends vanquished, Rayman must work with the Bubble...


    The Story In SPACEWING WAR, you play as the Legendary Spacewing Spaceship, a machine of forgotten times which has been turned on by humans as a defense against the invaders of Planet Mavros, the Vantablacks. So get ready and set off through 7 levels of enemies, puzzles and secrets! Your final...
  3. Sonic Transitions

    Sonic Transitions

    Thank you for checking out Sonic Transitions! This is my attempt to create a game that will eventually connect the events of Sonic SatAM to Sonic 1. This game is still horrendously unfinished, but I'm excited to let you try what's here! Take control of either Sonic or Sally. Blast through the...
  4. Mobius Red Zone

    Mobius Red Zone

    The Mobius Red Zone takes place in the same universe as animated web-series "Sonic the HEDHUG" called "HEDHUGverse". The events of 'Big Space Race' set the mysterious Red Comet on collision course with Mobius where Sonic and Co live. Later, the events of 'Dr.Eg.D.S.' may have reload the planet...