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General Information

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The Story

In SPACEWING WAR, you play as the Legendary Spacewing Spaceship, a machine of forgotten times which has been turned on by humans as a defense against the invaders of Planet Mavros, the Vantablacks. So get ready and set off through 7 levels of enemies, puzzles and secrets! Your final destination is the Mavros Core, where the power of the invasion is held.


Being the first title from Pneuma Games, SPACEWING WAR is a Game Boy inspired sidescrolling Shoot-Em-Up! Can you make it to the end? What about the secret, unlockable modes? How high can your score get? With fast-paced hordes of enemies, you will have to master the art of weapon-swapping between Powerballs, Boomerangs, Bombs and Peas.

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Characters you will meet

The Spacewing Starship
This robotic machine has being awoken with the only objective of destroying Planet Mavros and saving humanity. It does not have a pilot, instead it works thanks to an Artificial Intelligence programmed aeons ago.

Commander Uufoo
Memeber of the Vantablacks, race of Planet Mavros, they will fight the Spacewing as one of the three Mid-Bosses. Later on, they will realize it made an horrible mistake, starting their own campaign.

Enemies and Bosses
Many beings have been possesed by the Vantablacks, and will do anything to stop the Spacewing from reaching the Mavros Core. It will be tough, but you can do it!

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Sink The Amphechinus
This... UFO? Hedgehog? Whatever, this thing is holding SAGE this year, and he will force the Spacewing to participate, mostly because he has lost his key to Level 4. He is too busy to be in the final game, sadly.

The Game Modes


Programmed as a Near-Perfect Machine, the Spacewing Ship sets off to Planet Mavros to stop the alien invasion. Get familiar with the gameplay and discover what kind of dark force is causing this war.

New enemies, alternate pathways, faster auto-scrolling, secret rooms, higher rewards and more dynamic gameplay await here! Can you make it to the end this time? It truly is not a piece of cake anymore...

The moment Commander Uufoo remembers they left their oven on, back on Planet Mavros, they will have to hurry and go turn it off! No side-scrolling this time, instead, Commander Uufoo can go as quick as desired! Defeat enemies to earn batteries and use those batteries to buy shields, speed boosts, healings or even a little helper! This time there is even more rooms and secret pathways in each level than on Challenge Mode, and a secret boss awaits on the Mavros Core!

In these 10 new levels, you play as Commander Uufoo! Each level has an amount of Targets to break, and you will have to find all of them before the time runs out! Depending on how quick you do it, you will get a rank from D to S. Practise is the key!

Fight all bosses, one after another! Run out of HP and you will go back to the beginning! This mode has two versions, one includes bosses from Story Mode, and other includes them from Challenge Mode. Beating these really would be considered an achievement!

What does the SAGE Demo include?

-The Spacewing is stolen by the Galactic Pirates, and ends up meeting Sink The Amphechinus, who holds SAGE (Sink Amphechinus Great Exposition) in a lost and dirty planet, far away.
-Four levels from Story Mode!
-Two levels from Break The Targets!
-Unlockable content!
-Special blue-themed color palettes for your choosing!
-Six Boss Fights!

SPACEWING WAR is still in develpoment, so some things from this demo may not end up in the final game. If you like this, you can follow us on Twitter and join the Discord Server!
Also, any feedback of sorts is appreciated.

There are two Controls Setups to choose:
-Setup A:
Arrow Keys to move.
Z to swap your weapon.
X for constant shooting.
C for individual shooting.
Enter for pause and selecting.

-Setup B:
WASD to move.
F to swap your weapon.
R for constant shooting.
E for individual shooting.
Spacebar for pause and selecting.

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