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Meander Forth: Teak's Tall Tale Plus Plus

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That's right- Again!

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Meander Forth: Teak's Tall Tale Plus Plus is a revisited version of 2020's Meander Forth: Teak's Tall Tale Plus, which in itself was a revisited version of 2019's Meander Forth: Teak's Tall Tale, which was a standalone-ish mini-campaign that served as a "playable teaser" for Westlouia: Meander Forth, which has been in development hell for quite some time now.


This game puts you in control of Oscar Teak, a born loser with a big heart and passable drumming skills.

When Teak is kicked out of a punk-rock band by a group of so-called friends, he is forced to walk home in the rain, dejected. His day only gets worse when he discovers that his childhood friend, Tamree Willow, has gone missing.

In this short adventure, Teak must gather up the courage to search for his friend! But be warned- the island of Westlouia holds a direful secret!


Truth be told, I almost skipped out on SAGE this year. Due to technical issues, I've had to restart the actual Meander Forth from scratch in GameMaker Studio 2, which is... fun. I knew I wouldn't have a build ready. However, since last year's demo had some HUGE technical issues I didn't catch at first, I figured I would go back and optimize TTT++ to, like, actually work.


I ported the game to GameMaker Studio 2, replaced some of the art assets, and redid some effects to work a bit better on... any-end PC's. It should run at the target framerate of 60, now, which is pretty hecking sweet.


I hope you enjoy this demo! Despite everything that's been happening in my life, it's been fun to go back and update this, and I'm excited to work on the proper Meander Forth once again!

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Thanks to Dogs++ for lending me some music!

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I had a really great time with this demo! I'm interested in where the story will go from here...
Glad to hear it. I assure you it'll be a mess, hehe.


I can't wait to see where the story goes. I haven't seen platforming characters with his much soul in a very long time. Keep up the good work.

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