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  1. SketBR

    Game Espada de Sheris

    About Espada de Sheris is an indie game of 2D platformer chapters based and focused parkour where we control a European ninja cat called Kibo, He uses the Espada de Sheris to defeat masked duzkers and save the world in a post apocalyptic 2 world divided by cats and aliens Game features...
  2. Espada de Sheris

    Demo Espada de Sheris

    ×Enter a rich-story post-apocalyptic world× with cats and aliens and 2d parkour ×platformer× ({××}) Story In the year 4000's, in a post apocalypse earth, the world has been divided by cats and aliens of the duzker species, but a cat named Kibo uses the Espada de...
  3. Croaking Around (SAGE 2023 Demo)

    SAGE 2023 - Demo Croaking Around (SAGE 2023 Demo)

    Croaking Around is a platformer where you play as a little frog with a strechy tongue. Our little amphibian friend falls down to the deepest parts of the city sewers. He's gonna need to do a lot of platforming to get back up (or a very long ladder I guess idk). Use your tongue to pull, sling...
  4. 10 Second Backdoor (Part 1 Demo)

    SAGE 2023 - Demo 10 Second Backdoor (Part 1 Demo)

    <Trailer!> <INFORMATION> 10 Second Backdoor is a speed/reaction-based puzzle game where you guide humans toward doors scattered around levels. This is the first part out of 3 planned parts! Your feedback helps make the future parts better and helps keep me going! :emoji_cat: <CONTROLS> Left...
  5. EdelSuche (SAGE '23 Demo)

    SAGE 2023 - Demo EdelSuche (SAGE '23 Demo)

    Our first game! EdelSuche is a Rockman-style-doujin-ish-action-platformer game where you play as Cecilia Wonderwand, a mage apprentice who finds herself in need to save the world from "The Rot". Wanna know more about Otaku TeamWorks? Here are our links!
  6. Cat-Ptured

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Cat-Ptured

    What is "Cat-Ptured"? Cat-Ptured is a fast-paced, 'hyper-stylized' 3D platformer featuring a cute, low poly, PSX aesthetic. You'll control Tia, a reckless kid with an oversized hammer (and an even bigger heart), as they traverse dangerous alien planets in order to stop the planet eating...
  7. Switch Girl: Special Rescue Beauty (SAGE '22 demo)

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Switch Girl: Special Rescue Beauty (SAGE '22 demo)

    General Information Creatures are being corrupted by a dark nebula over the utopic Kaiya planet. Saturn Lovelise, also known as the Switch Girl, devotes herself to protect the peace and bring love to everyone. A 2D platformer game with puzzle elements. New features include: An introductory...
  8. Castle on the Coast

    Castle on the Coast

    PLAY DEMO / WISHLIST US ON STEAM! JOIN OUR DISCORD! Castle on the Coast is a hand-drawn, retro 3D collectathon that casts you as an adorable, parkouring giraffe named George! A magic castle entrenched in conflict Help George explore the magical Castle on the Coast, home to crystal caverns...
  9. Meander Forth: Teak's Tall Tale Plus Plus

    Meander Forth: Teak's Tall Tale Plus Plus

    That's right- Again! Click Here to visit the Itch page if this one has any issues! Meander Forth: Teak's Tall Tale Plus Plus is a revisited version of 2020's Meander Forth: Teak's Tall Tale Plus, which in itself was a revisited version of 2019's Meander Forth: Teak's Tall Tale, which was a...
  10. Sole Iron Tail

    Sole Iron Tail

    Sole Iron Tail is a momentum-based platformer, based around sliding and charging with your tail as fast as your can! Planned Features: A cute, but challenging single-player adventure with 5 tales (45-60 min playtime), featuring a cast of friendly characters and giant foes! Charge, Slide, Surf...
  11. Soro: The Stolen Crystals

    Soro: The Stolen Crystals

    Soro: The Stolen Crystals is a classic and cute 2D platformer inspired on the classics 90's games and made by almost one person. Join Soro on an adventure full of fun and challenges. ------------------------------------------------------ ☆ Synopsis ☆...