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SAGE 2023 - Complete Meander Land

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Welcome to Meander Land!
In a world flooded and broken by war and cataclysm, it is the job of cartographer Corylus Flint to chart out what remains of the land and the people on it in his trusty biplane. When his plane breaks down, however, Corylus is forced to crash-land on Khnumia, a desert island smack-dab in the middle of mafia territory!

There, he meets a motley crew of ferocious beasts, dastardly villains, and even some unlikely friends. Can Corylus escape the island and continue his life's work!?


A whopping ten years ago, a fangame known as Super Anjelo Province was released. This game set out to capture the feeling of the classic handheld games that inspired it, right down to the limited pallet and the screen crunch.

For the game's one-decade anniversary, it has been lovingly remastered with new original characters, a new story, and a ton of quality-of-life improvements.

The original version was one of the first games I ever released and the winner of the MFGG forums' game-of-the-month award, so I am proud to present its updated version: Meander Land!


Improvements + Updates
  • Colored overlays have been added that replicate the colors of several classic LCD displays.
  • The gameplay has been tweaked and rebalanced with tighter controls and more forgiving level design. The lives system has also been removed.
  • The resolution has been bumped up from the original 160:144 to 320:180 widescreen, eliminating screen crunch and scaling up evenly to 1080p/720p displays
  • The soundtrack has been replaced with Symfonikev's classic Famicom-styled tracks. A new, original sountrack may come later. The sound effects have also been replaced with original ones.
  • Backgrounds now have parallax scrolling to make them stand out better from the foreground.
  • Added a new animation, sound-effect, and tutorial to the coyote jump so it stops getting flagged as a bug!
  • Added ability to rebind keyboard keys, as well as gamepad support.
  • +Many, many more tweaks!


  • Keyboard Movement*
    • Arrow Keys: Move
    • Z Key: Jump
    • X Key: Fire Bottlecaps
    • A/S Key: Change Overlay
    • Shift/Backspace: Reset Level (default may depend on version)
    • Enter: Pause/Start
    • *Can be rebound by pressing F5 on the title screen
  • Gamepad Movement
    • Left Joystick/D-Pad: Move
    • Button 1 (A/Cross): Jump
    • Button 3 (X/Square): Fire Bottlecaps
    • Left/Right Bumper: Change Overlay
    • Select: Reset Level
    • Start: Pause/Start
  • System:
    • F1-3: Change Window Scale
    • F4: Toggle Fullscreen
    • F5: Rebind Keyboard Controls (On Title Screen)
    • Escape: Quit Game


Latest reviews

First off I want to start off by apologizing for being vague in this rating when I refer to the game this inspired by. The dev chose not to mention the name and there's likely a very good reason behind that, so out of respect to the dev, I will refrain from mentioning that game by name.

Meander Land is one of the games I was really excited to play coming into SAGE. There's a certain mustached plumber/mascot that has a great, though often over looked series of platformers on the GB and so when I first saw Meander Land was inspired by or rather was inspired by a game that was inspired by said series, I was ecstatic. And for good reason!

On the one hand, when Meander Land chooses to go with the inspiration from that GB series it's a perfect homage, while on the other Meander Land isn't afraid to break away from its inspiration and do it's own thing, again to great success (The story elements and characters with a personality are a great example of this)!

Visually, this game is all you could ever ask for from a game meant to recreate the Gameboy style. The character design, the look of the levels, even the color the game is displayed in looks fantastic!

As I said above, this was one of the titles I was absolutely stoked for and it was everything I hoped it would be, and way more!

I will definitely be giving it a more thorough play through once SAGE is over and I look forward to seeing your future work!
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