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MaGMML: Episode Zero is an interquel set between the events of Make a Good Mega Man Level (MaGMML) 1 and 2, level design contests where users submitted their own Mega Man levels to be ranked by a team of judges. Unlike previous entries, Episode Zero was not the result of a contest, but rather an active collaboration: participants received feedback from a QA team and had to pass a certain quality threshold for their work to be included in the game. The result is a streamlined experience that still retains the wacky, off-the-wall humor of the series!

Play as the legendary (?) Reploid (?) Zero as he journies through over 60 different levels from 40 different creators in a unique blend of Mega Man Classic, X, Zero, and ZX! Blast through levels with the aimable Z-Buster, the trusty Z-Saber, the long-range Z-Burst, and the wildcard Blank Drive, all backed by an expanded version of the elemental chip system from the Zero series.

  • Over 60 different quality-controlled levels from 40 different creators.
  • Over 90 bosses to fight and bash your head against.
  • 4 different subweapons, all upgradable via an elemental chip system like in the Zero series.
  • Several differentupgrades and costumes to purchase, including the choice of either the horrible goblin Zero from the MaGMML Series or classic Zero from the Mega Man X series from the start.
  • The "Z-Phone," a robust hint and advice system allowing Zero to call 6 different characters, among other secret numbers.
  • A CD database inspired by Mega Man & Bass, giving background lore of both the Mega Man and MaGMML series for newcomers.
  • A customizable boss rush mode, "The Ultimate Choice," with increasing rewards for higher difficulty.
  • Online leaderboards to challenge yourself and compare against others' best times in each level.
  • Multiple control options for ease of play.
If you'd like more information, head on over to the MaGMML website!



September 5th - Version 1.12 Update

- Metal Man NPC moved over a tile so you can actually read the "Tier 1" sign now.
- Changed frequency at which the Out of Order bird attacks in the final autoscroller to make the section easier.

Bug Fixes:
- Implemented the GMS scheduler fix from omicronrex. Certain lag issues should be fixed as a result.
- Ice Blank Drive now goes away if you enter a teleporter / door.
- Fixed a bug where the screen would go black if you exited the jukebox menu before the fade in effect was finished.
- Fixed a frame-perfect death softlock bug with Trailing Zero in Null & Void.
- Fixed possible memory issues and other various bugs with trailing clones in general.
- Fixed that using any blank drive would stop the scrolling in Surfboard Showdown.
- Fixed a lock pool crash with Flash Man in the Mega Man 2 NETA fight.
- Fixed a bug where using up or down slashes in Ultimate Mode would allow you to use vertical transitions improperly.
- Fixed several music looping errors both with the jukebox, in Entrance Succession, and Temporal Pillar.
- Fixed the MaGMML2 boss theme not unlocking properly in the Jukebox.
- Fixed that you could skip the final Wily Bunker cutscene while still in the ready animation, sending Zero into the shadow realm.
- Actually fixed the NG+ softlock with the Golems now.
- A lot of minor visual and typo fixes.
- A few missing contributors have been added to the credits.
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pixel perfect jumping...relatively high difficulty... and devs who wish to torture players by making the movement controls for gamepads unable to be configured and default to a joystick.

i tried it...made it past the intro lvl after dying several times... got part way through the 2nd lvl... a game does not require high difficulty and pixel perfect jumping to be good. i'm not a gaming god like kaizo romhack players.

also, this is not a 3d platformer game. it's 2d...allow the d-pad to be configured. joystick for 2d platformer games is BAD DESIGN.
GamePad support in Game Maker is shaky in general (at least what this game uses). Some controllers just randomly don't connect. If you need the D-Pad that badly, use Joy2Key. Please don't act like this was on purpose to "torture players" or whatever.
GamePad support in Game Maker is pretty straightforward and reliable, assuming you know at least the basics.
sounds like treos didn't understand one of the core mechanics taught in tutorial stage. Zero has an ability to dash in midair, which allows you to easily jump over a big gap. this invalidates the complaint about "pixel-perfect jump".

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