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  1. Geno the Fallen King

    Complete Geno the Fallen King

    Geno the fallen king is a fast-paced 2d shoot-em-up platformer inspired by the old mega man, sonic, Spyro and, crash series. In this game, you play as Geno a heaven blight and are tasked with beating the devil out of your brother to save him from his curse. Meet fake gods, robots, and...
  2. MaGMML: Episode Zero

    MaGMML: Episode Zero

    MaGMML: Episode Zero is an interquel set between the events of Make a Good Mega Man Level (MaGMML) 1 and 2, level design contests where users submitted their own Mega Man levels to be ranked by a team of judges. Unlike previous entries, Episode Zero was not the result of a contest, but rather an...
  3. UNITRES Dreams

    UNITRES Dreams

    Download for free on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Or get the game on! UNITRES Dreams is a free, experimental pixel 2D platformer created by Unlimited Trees with inspirations from games on the Megadrive/Mega CD. It involves a group of friends going on a wacky adventure to get home...
  4. Polyroll


    Kaiser Kiwi has kidnapped your roly poly friends and taken them to his Frigid Castle and only you can save them! Explore a colorful bug-themed world infused with retro charm and chock full of inventive hazards and enemies. Explore branching levels, fight quirky bosses, and save the day in this...
  5. Sonic Frenzy Adventure

    Sonic Frenzy Adventure

    DOWNLOAD Here Or here Updated to version 1.2 Thanks to ScaleyFox, we managed to fix more than 100 issues. Some levels have been tweaked and some hints are given in key spots. Sonic Frenzy Adventure was born much before Sonic Worlds was a thing. The game was ambitious, with many fan...