SAGE 2021 - Demo Eversleep: Lunistice Gaiden (SAGE '21 Demo)



Before you download, a little warning - this game was made in a self-imposed challenge to create a commercially viable game in only 30 days.
The goal was still to make a fun game in the end, with polished gameplay, but - you know - still expect some jank and not a TON of playtime!
Eversleep? More like Nosleepforthedeveloper, am I right, hahaha (help).

But what is Eversleep?
Now that's a good question! Eversleep: Lunistice Gaiden is a 3D Platformer created with simple but fun gameplay and a cute PS1/SEGA Saturn inspired artstyle in mind. Take the role of Hana the Tanuki and jump and fight through her dreams! What secrets await her on the moon - her final destination?
Eversleep features a retro look heavily inspired by early 90s 3D graphics with bouncy enemies and a fluffy heroine.

Probably around the same time as the PC version, actually!

There you go! Wishlisting the game helps out a TON! So thanks a bunch! ❤

If you want to learn more about Eversleep and/or Lunistice, you can join the Lunistice Discord or follow us on Twitter!

Demo Features
  • Experience the first three levels of the final game!
  • Find a hidden secret! OooooOOOooo
  • Test your skills thanks to the included ranking system!
  • ...and enjoy the good vibes and retro A E S T H E T I C S
Default Controls (Controller)
  • A / Cross: Jump
  • X / Square: Attack
  • RT / R2: Sprint
  • LT / L2: Reset Camera
  • L3: Zoom Camera
  • Burger-Button: Pause Menu
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Update 0.6.190-demo
  • There's way too much to list right here in this update, but the short version is
    • Speedrun Mode
    • 1 New Level in the demo
    • 1 new playable character
    • A proper tutorial
    • New ranking system
    • Lots and lots of smaller updates, fixes and tweaks
Update: removed 0.2.349-demo
  • This was left up on the page for archival purposes, but seeing how the old version is still shown on top of the new version (confusing people a little bit), I decided to remove the old version. Nothing much lost besides a few annoying bugs anyway! :)
Update 0.2.351-demo
  • Fixed infinite respawning glitch
  • Fixed not being able to use another controller when the system already detects a controller in port 1
  • Fixed camera moving below death planes
  • Fixed ingame timer starting twice
  • Fixed controls being active during level transitions
  • Fixed first level not being shown in level select when starting the game without a save game
  • Fixed UI being cropped on 21:9 monitors (21:9 will still have borders on the sides when pixel filter is active)
  • Fixed mouse cursor not being captured in game window


ChosenVowels (@ChosenVowels) - Artist (Key Art)
Dennis Kröner (@AGrumpyFox) - Design, Programming, 3D Art
Marcus Horn (@SIACTRO) - ???
Michael Hoss (@CrashOberbreit) - Product Manager @ Deck13 Spotlight
Teflora (@Teflorator)- Sound Design
Twitch Chat - Brainstorming (and yeah, that somehow worked)

Latest reviews

PS1 platforming at its best!


-fun gameplay very responsive controls
-excellent main character design
-trailing effect on ball is really cool
-the dojo entrance checkpoint is so creative, well done!
-fun secrets such as using attack before jumping makes you jump higher
-Its coming to switch? that's really hype!
-nice catchy music


-your model A-poses in the bubble. Maybe it could rotate vertically like it's being spun, or a swimming idle animation?
-I collected all the letters from the stages, die once and I get a D rank, could you make it clear in an update how to get higher ranks?
-some background props could use some animation to breath life into a stage. for example, adding wind to the tress and parasols.
-stage names end in .nfv, I assume they're placeholder names or simulations in the story mode

Overall, this project looks very promising, keep up the great work!
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Eversleep is a smooth small 3d platformer. Gameplay is challenging but not too difficult, Graphics are cute, Music is such a banger. All in all a fun game 👍
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It is already a ton of fun! The levels look great, and the gameplay just feels good. You can either run thru as fast as possible to get an S rating or focus on getting all the collectables and secrets. Or both, because either way will be an entertaining challenge since each stage has its own gimmick. The cam felt be a bit weird to controll in the beginning, but I got used to it fast and it actually helps me when I try to speedrun the levels.
I am really looking forward to the full game!
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This game makes the happy part of my brain twitch.
Graphics are amazing. Controls well. Sound is great. Top notch work.
Was sad to reach the end of the demo! Got 100% completion and A+ on all 3 available acts. The game's on my Steam wishlist and I'm so so excited for the release! Both the "intended" path with all the cranes and available shortcuts were a lot of fun to run through :)
My only complaint would be no control binding for gamepad (unless there is and the game just isn't picking mine up); I was unable to use mine in this case, but honestly would rather play with KB+M anyways after what I played.
Good luck with finishing up the game!
Hey there! Awesome demo! I loved it. Though, here is some criticism so you can make the game even better:

  • You've got a good amount of options in the menu! Though I'm missing a few, like the ability to reverse the camera. Speaking of the camera, I found it frustrating how I constantly had to change the position of it when playing. The Xbox One has a wonky stick and constantly moving the camera causes me to change the Y position of the camera as well, which isn't ideal. Either give me an option to move the camera with the player when I turn, or put the camera control on the bumpers too! 🙃

  • A Double Jump is usually used for games that aren't really focussed on platforming. It's there as a safety net for if the player can't get past a platforming challenge and it's there to make platforming easier. (Think of games like Ratchet and Clank etc.) It's why games like Mario Odyssey and Sonic Adventure 2 are so interesting, since they use dives and other mechanics to add mobility in the air and they use their other abilities to add challenge to the platforming.

    Personally I think a Double Jump makes platforming samey as well, since all you need to do to get to another platform is to simply press the Jump button again to realign yourself. You've got a great thing going with the air-spin! That could definitely take over the Double Jump. Maybe give the player some other form of aerial ability? 🤔
Overall loved the game a lot! It has a lot of charm and I think its simplistic nature is awesome. Keep it up! Can't wait to play it on Steam or my Switch! 👍

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