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SAGE 2022 - Demo Lunistice (SAGE '22 Demo)

I loved this when I first tripped over it at SAGE 2021 and I still love it. Really fun, simple platformer. I do need to gripe about something now though. What happened to the controls man? It feels I'm constantly struggling now just to keep her moving straight and not slippin n slidin every which where! I tried out the original SAGE 2021 demo just to make sure I wasn't crazy or it wasn't my new controller and nope. In the SAGE 2021 demo, she controls like a dream like I remember. Whatever you did, I'd prefer a revert back to how it used to be.
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What a great platformer! Charming artstyle, good level design, perfect controls, it has everything!
Pretty fun game

Fun levels
Excellent controller support
Great music
Nice graphics
Don't drag out too long

Pretty slippery physics
Camera doesn't automatically change

Overall, pretty fun game
PS1 platforming at its best!


-fun gameplay very responsive controls
-excellent main character design
-trailing effect on ball is really cool
-the dojo entrance checkpoint is so creative, well done!
-fun secrets such as using attack before jumping makes you jump higher
-Its coming to switch? that's really hype!
-nice catchy music


-your model A-poses in the bubble. Maybe it could rotate vertically like it's being spun, or a swimming idle animation?
-I collected all the letters from the stages, die once and I get a D rank, could you make it clear in an update how to get higher ranks?
-some background props could use some animation to breath life into a stage. for example, adding wind to the tress and parasols.
-stage names end in .nfv, I assume they're placeholder names or simulations in the story mode

Overall, this project looks very promising, keep up the great work!
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Eversleep is a smooth small 3d platformer. Gameplay is challenging but not too difficult, Graphics are cute, Music is such a banger. All in all a fun game 👍
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It is already a ton of fun! The levels look great, and the gameplay just feels good. You can either run thru as fast as possible to get an S rating or focus on getting all the collectables and secrets. Or both, because either way will be an entertaining challenge since each stage has its own gimmick. The cam felt be a bit weird to controll in the beginning, but I got used to it fast and it actually helps me when I try to speedrun the levels.
I am really looking forward to the full game!
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This is a super impressive project. The amount of polish in this demo is incredible, given that this is just roughly a month of work.
Gameplay is extremely smooth and fun to execute. Its fun to just move Hana around the level. The camera movement is super smooth as well, but not too much to cause motion sickness. To me personally it feels like the camera could be a bit further away from Hana to prevent occasional orientation problems I had. That said, it didn't take away fun in any way.
The graphics are gorgeous. I love the color choices and overall style. I definitely feel the nostalgia with the 1994 Filter, but personally I prefer to have it turned off. I really appreciate, that this is an option here.
I am looking forward to the finished game. Following the devs progress on Twitch really got me hooked to play the later levels and I can't wait to get my hands on those!
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Really like the idea, the execution and the gameplay. And the music. 😍
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Gorgeous and smooth-running game with a cohesive artstyle. Great music, interesting level gimmicks, and thoughtful level design allowing both first-time playthroughs and speedruns upon return to feel fresh and fun!
The main character's moveset makes her a joy to move around, and mid-level collectibles give incentive to explore areas fully.
Recommend to play with Keyboard and Mouse for better camera control, though I'm sure controller works fine too!
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Beautiful game, plays smoothly and the music is great. Just an overall polished and fun little 3D platformer.

I experienced a weird death loop in the first level past the bamboo and into the platforms you have to jump and attack to reach. I tried going to a far off platform but I landed in the clouds and kept dying over and over.
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Heyo! Thank you very much, that's so nice to hear 😃
As for your bug: have you tried the more current version 0.2.351-demo? The issue you had should be fixed in that build. 😄
I have now, the steam demo was well polished and I liked it a lot!

Hope to see more.
This game somehow feels expertly crafted and effortless at the same time, a wonderful experience!
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