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nintendo ds

  1. Yacker

    SAGE 2023 - Demo Sonic Adventure DS Demo 2

    Sonic Adventure DS is a game made from the ground up for both Nintendo DS and the PC. If you want to try out the DS version on PC, MelonDS is the preferred emulator, though Desmume should also work. Huge engine improvements from the first demo, now featuring audio, a more detailed stage, a...
  2. Sonic Rush 3D (Sage 2021)

    Sonic Rush 3D (Sage 2021)

    Welcome to Sonic Rush 3D! A 3D reimagining of the fan favorite 2D platformer, Sonic Rush! Run, Jump, Slide, and Boost with style through this demo of Apotos/Water Palace. You might be wondering, "Why include Apotos in Rush 3D?" Well, some theories suggest that Water Palace takes place IN...
  3. Lunistice (SAGE '22 Demo)

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Lunistice (SAGE '22 Demo)

    Before you download, a little warning - this game was made in a self-imposed challenge to create a commercially viable game in only 30 days. ...Which didn't quite work out and it's now more like 30 days (+a year), oh well! As it turns out: 30 days is actually a really short amount of time to...
  4. SlumberGlss

    What is your favorite Sonic handheld title?

    For me, it would have to be either Sonic Pocket Adventure, Sonic Triple Trouble, or Sonic Advance.