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Fan Game Sonic Utopia


Press Start Screen
Sep 13, 2020
they might not be working on it anymore because if they were i think there would atleast be another demo but with how huge the levels are or if they ran into a problem it might not be worked on anymore :(


Press Start Screen
Dec 30, 2021
this game is fantastic, i LLLOOOVVEEE it, but from playing the game I have some suggestion to make even more fun.
1. Elemental shields, can you put them in the game or demo, I'm not saying replace the regular shield, no just have both regular shield and elemental shields like sonic mania, if you ever do it, can you please put it in the demo so I try it :) .

2. Running on water, it would be pretty cool if sonic could run on water like in hydrocity zone, it would be a cool skillful move that you can run across the map with, and it would be fair because you'll have to get sonic to mach 3 speed to run on, or for better calcification when sonic has a "8" from how fast going. It will be cool, fun, and useful for players to use to run across the map.

3.Special stages, I know you'll put special stages in the game but here some ideas to help you to choose what to do for the special stage, 1. a 3D version of sonic CD special stage with better hit detection, and 3D bridges and ramps to go through 2. a obstacle course that sonic has to go through that will get harder for every chaos emerald he gets, and in the stage sonic will have a certain number of attempts(maybe having more or less attempts in different stages), and their will be check points that give (insert number attempts) for reaching it, and will respond sonic in the check point location if he messes up, or have timer that increases with each ring you get(but that will probably be less fun and too difficult for people).

4. Buzzer bombers, this more of a criticism than an idea, can you make the buzzer bombers stop moving away when you home in to them, I'm not talking about when they move around, no they littery be moving away when sonic homes in, if you fix it that will be great, that's the only problem I have with this demo.

hopefully the dev will at least see this, if he do that will make my day


Green Hill Zone
May 29, 2023
Just spent an hour with DS4, HidHide, and my PS5 controller trying to get working. Giving up until controller attention is in much better shape. Trying to edit and change the Joysticks in the Input section did nothing. The camera spinning thing was annoying, but HidHide fixed that. No way I'm playing this with mouse and keyboard though