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modern sonic

  1. Sonic Test Labs (SAGE '23 Demo)

    SAGE 2023 - Demo Sonic Test Labs (SAGE '23 Demo)

    Welcome to Sonic: Test Labs! Here at Hedgehog Testing Inc., we take the matter of rogue and spikey rodents very seriously. They're a threat and a menace to society! So what have we decided to do? Take matters into our own hands by capturing these creatures and studying them to their fullest...
  2. DFelipeh

    [GameMaker 8.2] Sonic Astral Engine: Gaia (SAE:GAIA)

    Sonic Astral Engine: Gaia is a open source modern Sonic framework written for GameMaker 8.2. It expands the original SAE to be more simple, polished and flexible. Source code/Github. .exe Building Requirements GameMaker 8.2 LudusLib License SAE: GAIA and LudusLib are licensed under Creative...
  3. Sonic Game Alpha: Project Rush Alpha

    Demo Sonic Game Alpha: Project Rush Alpha

    This Project about Alpha Sonic Fan Game to free play stage from the Closed Project Sshaders Configuration Tool 2021 Choice Six Stage Skins Review Video Stage Skins: Green Hill Zone Seaside Hill Zone (Ocean View) Forest Falls Zone (Sonic Rivals: Dash) Water Palace (Sonic Rush) Rooftop Run...
  4. Sonic ROCKET Revamp Framework

    SAGE 2021 - Framework Sonic ROCKET Revamp Framework

    Hey, I'm Extem the Hedgehog, and I made a thing. Hello, people of the Sonic Community! Recently, I've been working on an easy-to-edit Modern Sonic Framework in Scratch using Tomicool's Genesis Sonic Engine as a base. I've based it on the mechanics of the Rush and Advance series' with a few...
  5. Sonic Runners Reloaded

    Sonic Runners Reloaded

    Sonic Runners closed down back in 2016. But now... it's time for Sonic Runners to get its true sequel. This game works offline after first time set up. Download on Game Jolt: AN ALL-NEW SONIC ACTION GAME IS HERE! Simple controls - just...
  6. Sonic of the Ring - Tutorials Room v0.5 Demo

    Demo Sonic of the Ring - Tutorials Room v0.5 Demo

    Sonic of the Ring Tutorials Room v0.5 Click here to download This game about training games on virtual with update version. similar Sonic Unleashed. Sonic of the Ring Tutorials Room Version "0.1.5" is a fan game first zero number version in classic game engine generation from by SRPD11. Many...