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boss rush

  1. GunBurst

    SAGE 2023 - Demo GunBurst

    GunBurst is Run And Gun Game for MD I'm making. There is one boss It's not done yet but it will be Warning Flashing Lights Be Careful Quick Retry A+B+C+Start Fighting Pad 6B recommended MODE button can be alternative to A button
  2. Mega Man: Uprising

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Mega Man: Uprising

    INTRODUCTION Mega Man Uprising is the first project of a group of Mega Man fans, who always dreamed about making a fangame. Being their first project they’ve decided to start small. Uprising is a short, boss rush type game, so no sprawling levels but that doesn’t mean it is poor in content...
  3. Sonic Outbound (SAGE '22 Demo)

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Sonic Outbound (SAGE '22 Demo)

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are interested in this project, you can help me by talking to my Discord DMS (username is Akurio64#3823) or on our Discord server (the server is inactive as of now for an unknown reason tho). I may program decently, but I could use some help with coding. It would help me...
  4. Panic Cell

    Panic Cell

    "Panic cell" is a boss rush I'm currently working on with a couple of friends, I doubt I'll ever finish it in the future but as of now this is what I've got. technically speaking it isn't much as there's only a single boss, but for what there is I'm semi proud of it. PLAY HERE! controls...
  5. Trikumax Arena

    Trikumax Arena

    TRIKUMAX ARENA Trikumax™ Arena is the next installment in the Trikumax™ video game series that was originally introduced in 2019 from Gestmorph Games and based on characters and stories created by Doryan Nelson. These two creators are back to bring you a brand new adventure where you'll help...
  6. Big Boy Boxing (Very Early Alpha SAGE 2021)

    Big Boy Boxing (Very Early Alpha SAGE 2021)

    > Wishlist/Play on Steam!! < Big Boy Boxing is the action, slapstick, boss-rush game where every fight comes with a punchline. Challenge and defeat all the former champions and reignite the glory days of boxing! Taking inspiration from old & new games like Cuphead & Punch-Out!!, you punch...
  7. Who Was The Cat? (SAGE 2021 Demo)

    Who Was The Cat? (SAGE 2021 Demo)

    WHO WAS THE CAT? is the spectacular debut of the TELEPATH art collective! Taking influence from such games as Alien Soldier, Stretch Panic and even a little bit of Devil May Cry, WHO WAS THE CAT? an old school fast-paced action run-and-gun with a strong emphasis on boss battles! Play as Milo...
  8. Illusion Spectre

    Illusion Spectre

    Illusion Spectre is a boss rush 2D action platformer heavily inspired by Alien Soldier , Silhouette Mirage , Ikaruga , Ristar , and Sonic ! this demo included only 1 stage , Tidal Palace ✰ ------------- Synopsis ------------- ♡ Solunar, an evil god, has awakened from the great seal. His...
  9. Sonic Mania: Boss Rush+

    SAGE 2020 - Complete Sonic Mania: Boss Rush+

    Can't get enough of Sonic Mania's boss fights? Want an extra challenge to spice up your next playthrough? Introducing Boss Rush+, a new experience for Sonic Mania that focuses on one aspect: the bosses! Fight the bosses back to back in the order of which they appear! Act transitions have been...
  10. Sonic Mania: Boss Rush+ (DEMO 1)

    Sonic Mania: Boss Rush+ (DEMO 1)

    This mod aims to give Sonic Mania a proper Boss Rush, complete with revamped graphics and a streamlined transition system. This demo lets you play all the way up to Metal Sonic. NOTE: if the game puts you a bugged Green Hill Zone after the opening cutscene, restart the zone from the beginning...
  11. Zenron

    game remake request~eggman hates furries.

    just as the title implies a remake or remix of the old version of eggman hates furries, this game is a boss rush game, you have to save tails from egg man, the 1st level has you on a motor bike you can become super sonic near the end of game, and more crazy things happen you can download...