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Illusion Spectre

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Illusion Spectre is a boss rush 2D action platformer heavily inspired by Alien Soldier , Silhouette Mirage ,
Ikaruga , Ristar , and Sonic !
this demo included only 1 stage , Tidal Palace

------------- Synopsis -------------


Solunar, an evil god, has awakened from the great seal. His existence break the balance of the universe as he can cause Illusions and Spectres to lose their minds with corruption.
However, Starry the Star Reaper has been summoned to defeat the evil god and eliminate corrupted lifeforms throughout the universe to restore its natural order!

Join Starry on an intergalactic adventure and take down Solunar's servant. Show 'em who's the real boss !

------------- Gameplay -------------


In this game you control Starry. She can double jump and perform a lighting-quick dash.
her weapon is a scythe named "Shooting Star & Heartbreaker" , it move like a boomerang when throw it.
She also have ability to switch polarity too.
to destroy opponents, switch polarities to hone in on enemy weakpoints.

------------- Screenshot -------------




------------- Social Media -------------

you can follow the development of the project at Twitter

The demo's soundtrack is available on Bandcamp!
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Latest reviews

as a joke I wanted to make 2 parts of this review in pig latin and google translasted spanish just to illustrate how crazy the 2 switching system is in this game but it would be alot of effort.

firsty what?

no seriously what?

you come in here with AMAZING graphics and gorgeous colours!

then you introduce us to a fever dream on steroids while having a hangover, upside down all in the local zoo.

what is this and where do i order it?

okay jokes aside this is game is crazy but fun!

-polished animations
-responsive controls
-invincible dashing
-the 'shat up' skip dialogue option is funny
-this is a game from another dimension that we humans barely understand but enjoy
-reaper girl is nice
-nice easter eggs of other SAGE reps too!

-I'm begging you on my knees on the floor with a cheery bomb on top here, put in an easy slow mode or a faster weapon than the boomerang scythe, or even a time stop mode. The game needs it
-i feel like touhou vertarins will enjoy this more than your average gamer
-pirate ship miniboss needs larger explode particles to show where upward cannon fires are landing

Overall; please at least put in an easy mode or simple time slow mechanic
You did a really good job so far!


Gorgeous, smooth and intense. Only two criticisms, really:

1) The color switching mechanic feels a bit tacked on, I won't lie. It's no deal breaker, but it does feel like one of those 'unique for the sake of being unique gimmicks' and I tended to have the most fun in segments where I didn't need to do too much of it.

2) The graphics might be a bit too pretty, at times. The cave/sewer area wasn't too bad, but fighting some bosses in the outside segments made me feel like my eyes were glazing over from all the colors and sparkles and explosions.

Otherwise though, I love the game feel and the controls here. Bosses are wild and difficult, but the checkpoints are generous enough that things don't get too terribly frustrating. I like the boss rush format in general, and for just one stage you squeezed a lot of runtime out without anything feeling padded.
I tried this one early on but I had to stop playing for a reason very specific to me.

First, lets get this out the way. This. Is. Solid.
A very pretty and beautiful game.
Controls are tight and responsive.
The combat, is fun once you get the hang of it!
Very simple, dunno how much mileage you can get out of it but it felt fun when I did things right.
This game works with Nintendo Switch controller! (No Dpad, but switch controllers are rarely considered so I appreciate being remembered)

Unfortunately this is too much for my autistic brain to process. The sprites are huge, the enemies are frantic and I just get sensory overload when I try to progress what's going on. And maybe that's okay, I generally don't play crazy games like this but I believe it would be very satisfying to watch a pro go through it perfectly. Very hardcore
Really good game, love it.
The only thing its missing is key binding. Its really important specially in this type of game.
Eh, yeah, so funny bug, it turns out that I can't start the game. no, literally, for some reason wathever I press the game ends up crashing, I tried even closing MWB and it doesn't want to run, this happened me before and even after I formatted my PC.
If you knew what happened I would appreciate it.

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