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SAGE 2022 - Demo Sonic Outbound (SAGE '22 Demo)

General Information

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are interested in this project, you can help me by talking to my Discord DMS (username is Akurio64#3823) or on our Discord server (the server is inactive as of now for an unknown reason tho). I may program decently, but I could use some help with coding. It would help me make this project come true.


This game is set one year after Sonic Mania's bad ending where Robotnik had the Phantom Ruby and Chaos Emeralds in possession. Before the events of Sonic Outbound, Robotnik eventually discovered the existence of a certain Ruby called the "God Ruby", which contains so much power that as soon as it is created, it immediately breaks and the power gets absorbed by the nearest living being. All that is needed is extreme pressure with the Phantom Ruby, the Chaos Emeralds. and the Time Stones, thus Robotnik decided to retrieve the Time Stones and execute his final plan: to become infinitely powerful.

A year after the events of Sonic Mania, Sonic decided to invite Tails and Knuckles (but Knuckles rejects the invitation to guard the Master Emerald) to vacations on Heaven Shore, a pleasant beach he loves to relax in. Suddenly, Robotnik appears and attacks Sonic, but little did Sonic know, that was only an illusion that also happened with all his friends as a distraction. Sonic witnesses Amy, Mighty, and Ray being kidnapped but the second Sonic was going to hit Robotnik, a fast creature flew into Sonic with Knuckles chasing it. Turns out this was Meta, who is working for Robotnik. Meta had stolen the Master Emerald. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles agreed to take separate paths: Sonic will retrieve the Time Stones, Tails will save Amy, Mighty, and Ray, and Knuckles will retrieve the Master Emerald. Soon, they will discover a third foe, Fang the Sniper, who works with Robotnik as a mercenary. Also yes, Robotnik made all that to separate Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

This game is also supposed to be a prequel to Sonic Adventure even if it would be revealed at the end, but the game contains modern-like stuff, like an E-Series prototype, an Egg Carrier prototype (Egg Behemoth), and Robotnik starting to wear military clothes during the Final Story.

About the game

In this demo, you have five lives to defeat demo versions of some game bosses for each story (except Knuckles because I have no idea how to imagine all these Meta bosses). This chart shows which zones have their boss. I made this demo for a new and fresh version of Outbound to fix up the bad SAGE '20 version.


  • Heaven Shore: (In South Island) A heavenly beach Sonic and friends had gone in for vacations.
    • Events:
      • Sonic: Sonic goes to the west because the Badniks in charge of finding the Time Stones were going in that direction. Sonic does not know what is happening, but he knows Robotnik is up for no good. When passing the second act, Sonic will find a rail track that goes to Sunset Park

      • Tails: Tails go to the east. He will fight Fang, who reveals that he will stop Tails from saving his friends because he was hired by Robotnik to do so. When he is defeated, he will run away. Tails tell Sonic about Fang and then follows Fang to the Casino Night Zone.

      • Knuckles: Knuckles chases Meta and in Act 2, he will meet Meta and then fight her. When defeated, Meta gets rid of Knuckles by using the Phantom Ruby and making him go to Collision Chaos.

  • First Zones:
    • Sunset Park: (In South Island) That zone from Sonic Triple Trouble. Sonic will fight Fang and then stay on the train to arrive at Star Light.

    • Casino Night: (In West-Side Island) We all know that iconic zone… Tails will fight Robotnik. Robotnik then uses the Phantom Ruby to make Tails go in the past, to Forest Dawn Zone.

    • Collision Chaos: (In Little Planet) Knuckles is in Little Planet now. He will fight Meta and when she is defeated, Meta will activate a trap that kicks Knuckles to Wacky Workbench.

  • Second Zones:
    • Star Light: (In South Island) Sonic fights Robotnik and then Sonic finds a virtual headset that sends him to Robotnik's virtual world, the Virtual Engine (ver. 2.39)

    • Forest Dawn: (In West-side Island) Inspired by Wood Zone, who would have been a present version of Casino Night Zone (there would have been time travel in Sonic 2 before it was put in Sonic CD). Forest Dawn Zone is the past version of Casino Night Zone before Robotnik started building that casino. Tails will also fight Fang (he travelled in time thanks to Robotnik) in this zone. When Fang is defeated, Tails gets back to time and finds himself in Aquatic Ruin.

    • Wacky Workbench: (In Little Planet): Knuckles fight Meta and when she is defeated, Knuckles will find a pipe that sends him to Relic Ruins.

  • Third Zones:
    • Virtual Engine (2.39): (a virtual world) Sonic infiltrates the system to enter Robotnik's main computer network and destroy it. He will have to fight an antivirus Robotnik created to stop Sonic. After crashing the server, Sonic leaves Star Light and finds the train that sent him to Star Light, taking it to arrive at Techno Turret.

    • Aquatic Ruin: (In West-side Island) Tails will fight Fang in his Sea Fox and after defeating Fang, Tails will find an underwater entrance to Techno Turret.

    • Relic Ruins: (In Little Planet) Inspired by the scrapped zone in Sonic CD. Instead of fighting Meta, Knuckles will fight Robotnik in his Egg Bike. When Robotnik is defeated, Knuckles will take his bike and ride to West-side Island via the chains keeping Little Planet chained.

  • Techno Turret: (In West-side Island) The biggest structure ever made on Earth (tower). Robotnik built it to connect the land to Little Planet. Our heroes will not be able to destroy the structure, but they will discover something important: the existence of something more powerful than the Phantom Ruby.

    • Events:
      • Sonic and Tails: In Act 2, Sonic will meet Tails in the middle of the level. They will fight E-010 Proto, the first version of the E-Series. Sonic and Tails will discover the existence of the God Ruby by watching Robotnik's plans about it. He sends Sonic and Tails to different places with the Phantom Ruby.

      • Knuckles: Knuckles arrived at the Techno Turret after stealing Robotnik’s bike and driving to the Egg Factory. He will meet Sonic and Tails for Act 1 and then leave. The miniboss he will fight is Robotnik with his factory machines. The big boss is Meta. When defeated, Meta will attack Knuckles by surprise and hit him so hard he gets kicked to South Island, in the Egg Garden.

  • Fourth Zones:
    • Peelout Park: (In South Island) A brand new zone that is theme park-themed. Sonic will fight Robotnik and then Sonic will find a new entrance to Marble Zone discovered by Robotnik.

    • Ice Cap: (In Angel Island) We all know Ice Cap. Tails will fight Fang and when done, he will go to Launch Base via a pipe because Tails saw a giant airship starting to launch.

    • Egg Garden: (In South Island) This was the Sleeping Egg Zone before Robotnik decided to upgrade the zone. A tribute to Whitehead's first zone. Knuckles will fight Meta. She destroys the land Knuckles was standing in and makes him fall into Pipe Madness.

  • Fifth Zones:
    • Marble Zone: (In South Island) It is an ancient underground complex, flooded with boiling lava pools. After the Robotnik battle, Sonic finds an exit but it was a trap sending Sonic to a bottomless trench.

    • Launch Base: (In Angel Island) In Sonic 3, Sonic and Tails entered the Launch Base to stop the Death Egg. Now Tails will go stop the Egg Behemoth. Unfortunately, Tails was too late and Fang unleashes one of the many Egg Bombers inside the Egg Behemoth. Tails need to go to the highest section of Angel Island to jump on the Egg Behemoth.

    • Pipe Madness: (In South Island) A large pipe system made by Robotnik to get rid of wastes and circulate water (can you believe it, he did something good). Meta and Knuckles will fight each other by climbing pipes. Knuckles will then find a pipe that leads to Labyrinth Zone.

  • Sixth Zones:
    • Treacherous Trench: (In South Island) This is a legendary trench only mentioned in legends, but Robotnik found it and is digging to find the entrance of the Time Palace. When Sonic will fight Robotnik, he will dig a hole making Sonic fall (like shown in the boss fight). In the end, Sonic falls at the entrance of the Time Palace.

    • Volcanic Inferno: (In Angel Island) This is the largest mountain on all of Angel Island, an active volcano. (It's the volcano where Lava Reef is inside) Tails will fight Meta in an epic showdown until the Egg Behemoth (just so you know, Fang is the one who is commanding the Egg Behemoth) arrives to attack Tails. Fortunately, Tails entered the airship before.

    • Labyrinth Zone: (in South Island) One known as the pain zone, now it is no longer the pain zone. Knuckles will face off against the Egg Behemoth on its way to the Volcanic Inferno because Fang detected Knuckles and started attacking. Knuckles will see Tails entering the airship, so he continues his path to the Sky Sanctuary Orb

  • Final Zones:
    • Time Palace: (time vortex) This is the place where Sonic goes when he collects the Time Stones. It is also the final chance to collect the Time Stones. Sonic will face off Robotnik on his new Egg Walker. The Egg Walker's destruction sends Sonic to the real dimension.

    • Egg Shell: (in the Egg Behemoth) Tails did not enter the core of the Egg Behemoth, but merely one of its defence systems of it (yes these defence systems are gigantic). Tails will face off against Fang in his combat plane. When Tails destroys the plane, Fang falls to his death until Tails saves him, even if Fang is his enemy. Tails ask for Fang's help but he refuses and leaves. Tails decide to use his Tornado to go to the Egg Behemoth.

    • Sky Sanctuary: (In Angel Island) Knuckles knows the Master Emerald is located in Sky Sanctuary. He will find it, but Meta then uses the Master Emerald to turn Super (like Mecha in Sonic & Knuckles, but harder). Meta's defeat makes her go out of control and she destroys Sky Sanctuary (you could say she's gone haywire). Knuckles jumps out of Sky Sanctuary with the Master Emerald hoping he lands on something safe.

  • The epilogue of the character's stories: Sonic teleported to the sky, but Tails saved him while flying. Knuckles falls from the sky and Tails saves him too. The three will go to the Egg Behemoth (with a Sky Chase-themed level). Fang follows them.

Plans for the final version

In the full game, players would have three different stories similar to Sonic Adventure, you could choose between the Sonic Story, the Tails' Story, or the Knuckles' Story. Each character will meet the other during the game. After finishing each story, the Final Story is unlocked. Also, I may remove Virtual Engine and replace it with Robotropolis, making Egg Behemoth the final zone.

Sonic's Story

Sonic's story plot is a race against Robotnik for the Time Stones. At the end of each level regardless of the number of rings, Sonic will find a temple entrance that leads him to a large temple located in a time vortex (Time Palace before Robotnik entered and used the Phantom Ruby to control it). Sonic will pass a platforming section similar to Triple Trouble before entering the heart of the Temple, showing a giant ring to enter the Special Stage. Sonic can retry Special Stages with the cost of one life. Overall, Sonic should have 16 chances. In Time Palace Zone, the heart of the Temple is hidden and Sonic can find it to finish the last Special Stages. Also Sonic can time travel in this story unlike Tails and Knuckles (except Tails who time travels from Casino Night to Forest Dawn). In this game, the future is affected if the player collects the Time Stone in that act or not. Un It is very important to collect the Time Stones because it gives access to the true Final boss, no bad ending (which is dark because Robotnik wins and Sonic is no more) and the save does not get locked at the end. Every zone has a logical transition, but I guess it is too soon to tell them now. Robotnik is the antagonist of this story.
Tails' Story

Tails' story plot is about him saving Amy, Mighty, and Ray (including Mighty and Ray) from Fang (Robotnik told Fang to guard them). After every Fang battle, Tails finds the capsule holding one of the friends. Each one saved will be unlocked as a character for Free Play. Mighty can replace Sonic in Story Mode, and Ray can replace Tails. Also, each main character can have a CPU of an unlocked character. Egg Shell is one of the many defence systems of the Egg Behemoth (classic Sky Deck). Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles infiltrate the Egg Behemoth. Fang is the antagonist of this story.
Knuckles' Story

Knuckles' story plot is about him chasing Meta to take the Master Emerald from her. Every time Knuckles finds Meta, he will have to chase her before the boss battle. After defeating Super Meta in Sky Sanctuary, Knuckles takes back the Master Emerald and then joins Sonic and Tails to go to the Egg Behemoth.

What about Super Forms?

In this game where Chaos Emeralds are unobtainable in normal ways, there are only two ways to become Super Sonic.

1. Finish the game with every Time Stone and you unlock Super form, playable in the completed save or Free Play.

2. Collect the Super Emeralds which can unlock Super form. At the end of the true ending, Hyper form (Hyper Sonic, Nine Tails, and Seismic Knuckles) is unlocked in the completed save or Free Play

The Meta Saga

The main mode is called "Robotnik Saga". This is the "Encore Mode" of Outbound that is unlocked when all characters and Time Stones are unlocked. It remakes each zone in some way for the newly unlocked characters. Shortly after the events of Robotnik Saga, Meta is enraged by Robotnik's defeat and decides to take revenge by starting her masterplan, by kidnapping Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, and Ray, recreating the Hardboiled Heavies (with the Phantom Ruby that she eventually found) and collecting the Chaos Emeralds. She did not bother with the rest because she thinks they are worthless. Amy is devastated by Sonic's disappearance so she goes to find Sonic (she takes Sonic's Story and will regularly fight Fang, the Hardboiled Heavies, or Meta). Fang decides to restart stealing the Chaos Emeralds (he takes the Tails' story and will regularly fight Amy, Mighty, and Ray, the Hardboiled Heavies, or Meta). Mighty and Ray decided to make an investigation of Meta's whereabouts (they take the Knuckles' story and will regularly fight Fang, the Hardboiled Heavies, or Meta). Fang will work together with the protagonists during the Last Story.

Meta, what about her?

.Meta originally was going to be a genetic creation made by Robotnik. She would be supposed to have the DNA of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. But since we listened to your complaints about Meta's backstory and her design, we decided to scrap the idea. Now we have two choices:

  1. Meta is a fennec fox female. Robotnik told her she was the last Eternal, a race of Galactic Warriors created to destroy the Three Meddling Menaces, three dangerous Gods whose only goal is to destroy the Universe. They are named Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles and disguise themselves as anthropomorphic animals. (you see the bullshit now?) He offered Meta to power her up because she supposedly lost all her "Eternal powers". Meta accepted and Robotnik turned her into a very powerful cyborg thanks to the Phantom Ruby. Meta holds a large admiration for Robotnik and blindly followed him to destroy the "Meddling Menaces". She discovers Robotnik's lies at the end of the Meta Saga.

  2. Meta is simply an ultimate version of Metal Sonic created with the Phantom Ruby. Meta is built to copy Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Meta is also sentient but blindly follows Robotnik. Meta is still sentient enough to discover Robotnik's lies at the end of the Meta Saga.

Sonic Outbound OST (Music made specifically for Outbound)

This demo uses placeholder music that was made by Plasmariel (the OST composer), or found on the Internet. This is the OST of Sonic Outbound with music specifically made for Outbound:

SAGE 2020 Demo:
Sonic Outbound (SAGE 2020 Demo)

Sonic Outbound (SAGE 2020 Demo)

Sonic Outbound Story Basically, it's an alternate timeline where you get the bad ending in Sonic Mania. After being defeated in the Titanic Monarch, Dr. Robotnik tries to study the power of the Phantom Ruby, "The power of this stone is far beyond anything I imagined, as if it could surpass...

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Good fun, appreciate the effort that went into this post also. I really like the music in this game, it's good. I was already laughing at the title screen, that was a good joke. There's lots of really good animations for Sonic here also which is impressive. The special stage was also super fun (although I think the aspect ratio was a bit strange so that could be an area for growth). This a good one for those who like boss rush games.
Good fun, appreciate the effort that went into this post also. I really like the music in this game, it's good. I was already laughing at the title screen, that was a good joke. There's lots of really good animations for Sonic here also which is impressive. The special stage was also super fun (although I think the aspect ratio was a bit strange so that could be an area for growth). This a good one for those who like boss rush games.
Thanks mate. I would like to let you know we did not make the SEGA intro though. We got permission to use it by him
O som deve funcionar se você tiver todos os arquivos. Se você ainda tiver esse problema, fale comigo no Discord (Akurio64#3823)
estou com o mesmo problema sem som, preciso baixar algum arquivo extra? Eu baixei nesta página, se sim, o que eu preciso baixar?

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