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SAGE 2023 - Demo Sonic Adventure Engine (Unity)

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Check out my Main Game - Legend Maker here at SAGE2023

This is a very early preview of the Sonic Adventure Engine, that I'm working on. I welcome you to tinker, edit, & improve it as much as possible. Ideally, this would be a community project created by fans of the Adventure era. I don't have enough time, at the moment, to work on this very often. I am aware that it is very early (& glitchy). The idea is to target Adventure Physics & control. Hopefully this just gets some interest going in the project.

Controls (XInput):
A = Jump
Left Stick = Move
Right Stick or Triggers = Move Camera
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Latest reviews

Very, very barebones for an average player, there's even no jump-dash. Hopefully it will develop further.
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nice finally someone listens to my cry's on the outside pavement for a sonic adventure unity engine! i just think sonic needs the spindash, spam dash, roll, and air dash. I wonder how you put the textures on sonic and animated him!


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