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Shoot & Destroy X

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Shoot - Destroy - Save the Galaxy

An outer space threat is at large destroying and conquering the galaxy.

Shoot & Destroy is a 1-bit top-down shoot'em up.
Fly through 4 stages and defeat the Boss.

Enter to start; W, A, S, D or Arrow Keys to move and Spacebar or LMB to shoot. Escape to quit.
Controllers are also supported.

Created back in 2011 (and revived this year) this prototype has 4 short levels and a boss fight a the end - A 10 minute playthrough.
NOTE: This is not a bullet hell, this game was designed with a very simplistic approach with non artificial difficulty.

Shoot & Destroy X is an extended edition celebrating this 1-bit shoot'em up prototype's 10th anniversary. The game features 4 larger Levels, 3 boss fights and 3 pick-ups. Includes a save system to save your score and 3 hidden achievements. Something you can 100% in a couple of sessions.
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short, simple, need I say more?

its a fun game.

the best bit is when the targets start shooting back in level 2, then the mines become invulnerable in level 4 or 5.

great job! although I can't stand that title music though, maybe change it or rearrange it.
Samuel Sousa
Samuel Sousa
Hi! Thanks for playing my game :)


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