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SAGE 2023 - Demo 63 Little Pieces

General Information

Suddenly, he found himself shattered... Although spaced, he felt restless, all fired up and determined...

63 Little Pieces is a puzzle game about the emotional journey of filling the void.
A game about loss and hopefully finding clarity.


DEVELOPER LINKS: | Twitter | IndieDB | LinkTree

DEMO Features 12 levels with 3 challenges each;


  • Shoot and tear down walls in order to build paths;
  • Push and control several blocks at the same time;
  • Unflatten the world through a 2.5D perspective or restrict your perception to a black & white point of view;
  • Collect keys to open up what lies locked and shattered inside.
  • Over 50 levels with Extra Challenges:
    • Reach the goal in less moves as possible;
    • Reach the goal with less destruction possible;

Will you find clarity?


KeyBoard & Mouse:

  • Enter to start/pause;
  • W, A, S, D or Arrow Keys to move;
  • Aim with the Mouse;
  • Use the LMB or Spacebar to shoot;
  • Scroll wheel or Q, E to change perspectives;

  • Start for start/pause;
  • D-Pad or Left Joystick to move;
  • Aim with the Right Joystick;
  • Use R2 or A/X to shoot;
  • L1 & R2 to change perpectives;


  • 2020 - Playstation Talents Prémios VI - Finalist;
  • 2020 - Moshbit Awards - Most Awaited National Game - Nominee;
  • 2021 - GDWC - Weekly Vote - Nominee;

Screenshot Lvl5 25D.png

Screenshot Lvl16 25D.png

Screenshot Lvl27 2D.png

Screenshot Lvl35 25D.png

Screenshot Lvl33 BW.png

Latest reviews

I really loved this game at SAGE 21 and am glad to see it is back this SAGE! It's an atmospheric puzzle game, set in space, with a mysterious story and some game play mechanics that make it really stand out! That sound track is a pleasure to hear as well! I look forward to coming back to this game after SAGE!
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Yo, oh shit dude, my OS itself is picking this up as a trojan. Last update was two years ago so I don't know why it's part of SAGE 23...
My OS is picking this up as a Trojan, too. I'm sure it's a false flag, but it might be looking into.

Edit: Asked the staff. Clickteam games are being false-flagged as Trojans.
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Yo, oh shit dude, my OS itself is picking this up as a trojan. Last update was two years ago so I don't know why it's part of SAGE 23...
Very strange. Thanks to bringing it to my attention.
Game was presented 2 years ago on SAGE 21, I updated the game for this expo using the same page from previous event.

Edit: It is normal for Game Maker games to be flagged as false-positives it has to do with the lack of or cheap codesigning certificates.
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Since others are mentioning it,
I'll post my Windows Defender report below:
Detected: Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.B!ml​
Status: Removed​
A thread or app was removed from this device​
Date: 9/1/2023​
Details: This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker.​
Affected Items:​
file: ... 63 Little Pieces - v05010 DEMO.exe​
webfile: ... 63 Little Pieces - v05010 DEMO.exe|https://sonicfangameshq(dot)com/forums/attachments/63-little-pieces-v05010-demo-exe.25346/|pid:16500,ProcessStart:133380985501132829​
As this is the only 2023 SAGE download that I encountered this issue,
I'll just go ahead and wait on this one until it can be addressed. Thank you.

I downloaded and scanned the file with Windows Defender on Windows 10 and 11. No threats were found...

The SAGE has also mentioned on twitter not having found any malware attached to any game.

Will have to look into this at a later time.

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