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Sakura X Clash -Last Millennial Spring- (SAGE 2020 Demo)

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!-You're now seeing an outdated version fo the game-!
Check the link below for the most up to date version of Sakura X Clash!
Sakura X Clash -Last Millennial Spring- (Christmas Update)

Christmas SAGE 2023  Sakura X Clash -Last Millennial Spring- (Christmas Update)

Sakura X Clash -Last Millennial Spring-, is a IKEMEN-based fighting game, that pays homage to arcade classics such as The King of Fighters and Street Fighter.   sXc also uses NGPC-styled graphics and aesthetic, aiming for a simple yet deep gameplay experience, making the game easy to pickup and...


Sakura X Clash -Last Millennial Spring-, is a MUGEN-based fighting game that pays homage to classic fighting games, such as Street Fighter and The King of Fighters, the game also features NeoGeo Pocket Color inspired graphics.


Hanayo Suzuki
Hanayo Suzuki:

The cheerful student from the 1st Sakuragawa High School, inexperienced in fighting, she uses improvised short ranged attacks, most of her combat style and techniques were taught by her friend Sakuya. See her full moveset here!

Sayuri Hironaka

Sayuri Hironaka:

The daughter of a multimillionaire family with a big tradition in martial arts, she is a student from the most renouwned school of the city, Sakura Academy. Using her family own fighting style, Sayuri focus on speed and multi-hitting attacks, and is able to throw aura-based projectiles.


Lilly the Dealer:

A fugitive from the race known as "The Dealers", she is able to shapeshift into anything she wants to... I wonder why she is entering the tournament...

Reina Hitokage

Reina Hitokage (Not available in this demo):

From the Traditional School of Sakuragawa, Reina values honor, respect and tradition above all, and mixes her family own Kenjutsu with traditional Kendou techniques, resulting in a dangerous but patient fighting style.









Oh man, I suck at fighting games. This is a cool MUGEN game, though! My only gripe is that enemies feel a little damage-spongey, but that might just be because I suck lol.
I put my game in beta at sage 21 but i forgot to send the email to put in the trailer but when i finish next year i will put it. your game is beautiful i played the demo and found it perfect. keep up the good work.

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