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Complete RAGE 2022 - Sonic 4 Episode 3 Chronicles 2 DX Part 1


It's one of the many Sonic 4 sequels seen in RAGE 2022! Very official!!
Updated version with Super Sonic and new things to find!

is a sort of joke version of SAGE, by the same guys as who hold SAGE. RAGE stands for Really Amateur Games Expo, and it's more of a gamejam type thing where a theme is given a week or so in advance, with that week then dedicated for making your game. The goal is to make a BAD Sonic fangame, me and my pals put this game together in that week, the theme being Sonic 4 Episode 3.

This Sonic 4 Episode 3 is a platformer with a couple of intense RPG battles and an exciting high quality story. Fun for the whole family!

(note: this is the only part. Part 2 is a lie)
(note 2: Also check out the sequel, Sonic Mania 2 Battle DX! )


The game features:
- Platforming with amazing Sonic 4 physics, authentic for Episode 1 and 2
- An exciting story with a new character, Allblack (the) Hedgehog
- Fun and not at all rushed minigames
- Family guy funny moments
- Zero glitches
- The game is purposefully bad (and hopefully funny)
- .exe, 10-30 minutes long, no saving

NEW in this post-RAGE version:
- Super Sonic playable in every stage. Hit S in the volume screen to enable Super Sonic mode
- Dante? Go searching with Super Sonic's improved speed and jump height
- New cutscene variations depending on your actions (more routes than in Undertale????)
- A few small things changed in the levels to make speedrunning more viable
- Speedrun mode for some reason. Hit R in the volume screen to enable it

Source files???
The game was made with Clickteam Fusion 2! I use pretty much all the add-ons so I'm not sure if those are required to open the source file, buuut both that and character art and so on are downloadable here, have fun:
Google Drive folder for S4E3C2DXP1!



I don't plan on updating this further unless game breaking/softlocking bugs are found. If you do happen to find any, please let me know. While many bugs and glitches are intentional, anything that breaks with game progression isn't meant to happen!


Game by Jargonfox (that's me, AKA Metalsonic3)

There was a bunch of people involved! Thanks for everyone:
Zode - AI art, music
Urpoliitikko - Allblack design and creepy character arts, AI voices, proofreading/script editing
svan - Character art, story
Kulonei - Character art, backgrounds, story
Tyrzi - Character art, testing, story
Nano - Character art
pupabupa - Character art

Just in case you missed the download link, it's here!

Latest reviews

sonic ate my liver please help m
4 Sonic 4s out of Sonic Free Loaders


I love this game so much, such a masterpiece
I used to have depression and i wanted to kill myself but then.. i saw this game... it changed my whole life, thanks to this game i learned the meaning of life. Thank you

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