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Demo Project: Ashura The Glitch


What would a Metroidvania with Sonic the Hedgehog gameplay even be like?

That's what this prototype demo aims to answer.

Play as Ashura, and unlock abilities by exploring the map, battling guardians and opening doors!

This demo contains 1 non-linear, large map with Powerups to collect, boss guardians to fight and other small bonuses.

How fast can you complete the demo? What's the highest score you can get?

Download and let me know what you think.

I hope that this project flourishes into a full game, with an open map, no loading, and even more abilities to unlock. Mission statement: Is it possible to make a 1 Button Metroidvania with Sonic gameplay?

Seeking playtesting

Also seeking an artist up to the task of creating traditional sprites and tiles in a style fitting of a Metroidvania. I don't think my own cartoony art style is suitable.

Everything here is placeholder, except for the music. Dado Carvalho's catalogue of atmospheric remixes is perfect for this kind of game


A guide through the new version


UPDATE 0.2.1
- Minor tweak to a pushable block, intended to test a design decision
- Small bugfixes

UPDATE 0.2.0
Early Alpha Version

- Complete revamp
- New Assets
- New Level Design
- New abilities
- Iceman Boss removed

UPDATE 0.1.3
  • Fixed an issue with the roll script that caused the player to change direction on slopes when charging a spin dash
  • Fixed the Results Counter. Now the High Score Feature actually works.
    Adjusted the Time Bonus based on playtester routing analysis.
  • Placed all the tiles in a single .png in an attempt to optimize for weaker android phones
  • Fixed the credits text that gets cut off
  • Added missing asset credits and new playtester credits. Thanks to everybody who has played the first prototype and helped me with further polishing.
UPDATE: 0.1.2:
  • Fixed a bug where a health box respawned.
  • Fixed an issue where dying at 299 health would reset and lock your health back to 99.
  • Re-arranged the sub folders for compatibility with the android version of Surge the Rabbit's mod loader.

Minor bug fix update v0.1.1:
- Added script that destroys all enemies when they are offscreen
- Changed the type of enemy spawned from Right Pipes


Developer, scripting and map design:
Just John 43

Music by:
Dado Carvalho

Additional Scripts by:
Alexandre Martins, Creator of SCfOS, Reaperplayer91, Azure Plays, Smolillia, Spectrus, CodyAsleep

Placeholder graphics sourced from:
Sonic Galaxy
Speedy The Rollerskater
Surge the Rabbit


is it possible for you to make a web port for all of your games?
I don't think that the Surge Engine can run on the web. It can, however, run on Android. People who join the Open Surge Discord server can gain early access to the mobile version and play other Surge Engine games via it's mod loader
a Chromebook is a device that runs android and linux.
I see. Opensurge does have a Linux and Android version. I'm only familiar with Windows and Android though. And if you're loading Ashura via the Open Surge Engine's mod loader, it's important to turn compatibility mode OFF to get the fully featured experience.

Perhaps consider joining the open surge engine's discord server and you can test and report performance on your device. Again, you'll be surprised to see this game will run very smoothly on it :)

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