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Lloyd the Monkey

Project Overview

After a year of development, Lloyd the Monkey is finally complete and available for SAGE in its entirety. The completed game consists of 12 levels, 2 Special Stages and a complete story. As a HTML5 game, it will run in any reasonably equipped web browser and can be modded for enhanced enjoyment.

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The year is 2250. Monkey and man finally live in harmony, and the planet has healed from centuries of pollution and degradation. However, an army of dark beings seek to destroy everything that simians have made. The only one standing in their way is the swordsman Lloyd the Monkey, who must travel across the world to destroy the terrifying army and rescue his friends!


Game Design, Story, Visuals and Program - Noah Meyer
Music - Hunter Lobdell
Inspiratons - Akira Toriyama, Ume Aoki, Hiromu Arakawa

Programmed in Enchant.JS


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