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When I play, I feel that the levels are empty, I love the rest
I really liked it and would like to play more.
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This is just absolutely stunning, honestly. You'd better believe I played through Green Hill Zone acts 1 to 3 with every aspect ratio and soundtrack option! Speaking of which, I love those remixes in the 'remixed' option. What's here already is so brilliant, I can't wait for future updates!
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This game feels pretty hallow, to be honest.
Blaze feels really slippery and the platforming is sometimes a bit painful as a result. However, I think it has a lot of potential and could eventually be a really fun game.
Fun and Interesting! Only downside is, for some reason, my Wired Xbox 360 controller (an Xbox 360 Pro Ex by PowerA) wasn't working and still isn't working.
No idea what the issue there is considering it works fine for other games.
Honestly pretty underwhelming and could barely bring me to finish the demo. Like cmon, we get it Japanese and bit-crushed voices and audio is cool but it's getting pretty old already. The level design was pretty bland and Roll is completely broken. Music was not very mega man and not that good either tbh. Also, the sound design in super weird and oddly pitched down? If you want to make this game good I suggest you fire all your level designers and composers and replace them with ones that actually get mega man.
Pyra's Wolf
Pyra's Wolf
How is it old exactly anyway, the music sounds nice IMO and artists can have an art design, why not have a sound design.
This game is honestly incredible!


-The level design is great and keeps you trying to get better and better

-There is a lot of variety in the characters (they are each fun to play in their own way too)

-The characters are (for the most part) pretty well balanced

-The controls never give you a hard time

-The game rewards you with new characters and faster times

-The story is presented in a great way (those renders are amazing)

-The voice acting is pretty awesome!


-The boss fights aren't the best (The flying one was a pain but I have heard that they have balanced that fight)

-Shadow is a cool character but his Chaos Kick attack is a bit underpowered since it completely halts your momentum and just sends you high into the air (This is a tiny little nitpick and it really doesn't matter that much. I just mentioned it because everything else is so great.)


Why wouldn't you get this game? It is easily one of the best sonic fangames created (up there with Sonic Robo Blast 2). This game is incredible and a must play for any sonic fan!
TLDR: A good swing but a huge miss
I've played a lot of Mega Man over the years and I have always known that the fans are known to make great stuff. One day, I found out about perfect blue and I learned about the immense hype fans have had for this game I decided I would play the demo when it came out. I looked through all the promotional material for this game and I begin to think that this fangame could be as good as unlimited or rock force. After playing through it multiple times I was sorely mistaken.

Level Design: When I saw that you would only have 9 stages, I thought that you would compensate for that by making sure to go and try and make the levels have interesting gimmicks and make the levels longer, boy was I completely wrong. The level design is so bland, nothing is memorable in the levels and the whole demo just blurred together. You didn't even do any interesting gimmicks all you did was conveyor belts which have been in every single Mega Man game ever since Mega Man 2 since 1987. I thought that maybe you would change up how it would for Roll but you failed there too. Roll is better than Mega Man in every way, with her being able to destroy projectiles and jump farther and move faster. If you're going to have different characters, at least have them have their own strengths or weaknesses to make me choose one or another instead of making one better in every single way than the other.

Graphics: I have no clue what you guys are doing with graphics. First off the color palette is so bright that nothing looks realistic and everything looks like you cranked up the contrast filter up to infinity. Another thing is the art style, why does everything look so chibi? Everything looks so deformed and weird and does not fit at all. I have no clue why you guys chose this when the NES art style for Mega Man is already perfect as it is. Y + 1, another demo at SAGE, looks way better than this contrasty, deformed mush you guys chose to do

Music/Sound: When looking at the immense hype for this game, I always heard praise for the music so I decided not to listen to any of it until the demo to keep my expectations in check and man, did you guys fail there too. The music sounds like any generic chiptune album you could find on SoundCloud. Even then the music doesn't even sound anything close to mega man. This is disappointing because good music is crucial to making a good Mega Man game.

Thank god this is demo because now you're at least able to change things before the final product. You have to basically redo the game by fixing up the level design, the graphics, and the music. If you do redo this game I'll be happy even if it takes another 10 years because then at least the game will good. You've got a lot of work ahead so I hope you'll at least do it right.
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This was incredibly fun. Great level design. The overall visual style is good, but Sonic's sprite needs some work so he looks more consistent when he moves. The overall experience is still great, though.
This game is fantastic, its one of the smoothest 2D platformer's I have ever played, The sprite work and animation is incredible along with the game running at 144hz (not sure if tying the game to the monitors refresh rate was intended but thankfully it does making it feel fantastic to play). My only issue is the text confirmation being on enter is a bit of a pain to reach when playing on a keyboard, having it set to the jump key by default would be a better choice
man this game rocks its such a bobkiss however it has some problem and i know what you are about to say
haaaaaaaaaaaa problem in a demo how dare you
I know but demos also can make the game better with some criticism sprinkle in so here is one
I found it to be extremely annoying to pause the game and go to mod to change e guns and stuff also why the gun section has three slots yet all of them for different parts of the gun mod there is the type of gun which is obvious and then the double shot slot ? and the effect like freeze fire etc for your guns ? i didn't know what slot is for because all of them look and act the same look at the melee parts all of them makes sense because they all do the same thing for the sword but i think you should have a separated slots for gun shot type effect type also why i have to pause the game to change guns and stuff i mean casita or whatever her name was needed a pause change because she is the one that mostly uses guns because there is not in game gun swap which also you should somehow put a swap button like megaman l and r buttons huh kinda ironic to talk about megaman here anyway also this is partly my problem but ...... I kinda don't like the character design and the humor especially when the lizard girl makes an anime face god I hate that I don't know why but I always disliked anime crap also the music is beautiful yet it makes the game relaxing instead of SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT ALPHA MAN its kinda oh yeah i can dance which there is nothing wrong with that but but i kinda start to get bored by the music huuuuuuh
anyway this game is awesome it has the sword fighting of meagman zero that i ever wish for and the awesome contra gunplay with some slow dawning problems and unappealing character design and humor at least for do your best my friend turn sad gaers into happy gamers with your ass kicking game

also no swears because when he said ass i was like what why anyway bye good luck don't let wario eat your garlic peace
ahmed the kurd straanger
Oh hmmmm thank you for replying also well you put some sort of swap button
ahmed the kurd straanger
dude i have ideas for a upgrade system think of it triple uppercut prese up melee 3+
Words truly do this demo no justice. So instead, I made a ballad for this incredible game, man it's fun.
The enemies are cannon fodder and have telegraphed panterns, but the bosses really make you think and strategize; I remembered from my ally in my first playthrough I had 3 small medkits, so I used them to help me during the mechanical sea serpent.

And now the ballad, from the perspective of Alpha-1 Prime-0 [rough draft] :

Created by the Federation without the day of Light, thrust to the rebels where I'm programmed to think, to act, and to fight. Rebel fighter, from Federation built; I am both the start and the end of this War. Woke with no memories, a gun in my hand. When everything falls and yet here I stand. As I light up my saber, here I proclaim I am the Prime, and Alpha's my name! War, after war; "What am I even fighting for?! Will I fight forevermore??" The federations design, but with a sympathetic heart has made me more than the sum of mechanical parts, built to kill, yet they gave me a will inside my core; and I made my choice when I woke from the dark. Watching the city I tried to get to wash away from me, cities are built on technological graves, setting off alarms I am forced to wonder if I'm "toeing the line" or if I'm insane, but I will still fight if there are lives to save. A federations design with a sympathetic heart, more than the sum of my core: war, after war, what am I fighting for? Joining the rebellion, here I claim: I am the Prime, and Alpha's my name! Here I shall proclaim that I'll save the day.
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The game itself is very fluid, it has some sonic mania style graphics, and it reminds me of my childhood, I hope this project will be finished some day
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It is at the moment the best fangame I have seen
Honestly, I don't CARE that I haven't played it yet, IT'S HECKING SRB1 BABYYYY! I played it in SRB2 (v2.1) then got v2.2 and saw it was gone, and missed it. 404, time later not found, and it's back, and looking GLOOOORIIIIOUS!
Best part is... they kept Earless (named after the Character Wad), the original sprite used in it, in the thumbnail!
I'm sorry I am just gushing over it, I will now play it.