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SAGE 2022 - Demo Infinity Girl (SAGE '22 Demo): A high-speed rhythm/roguelike/racer

General Information

Infinity Girl is a fast-paced rhythm/racer/roguelite where everything — every action, every enemy and every spectacular world you encounter — is driven by the beat of the music. Each run is unique, with procedural levels that test your skills as you grind, drift, boost and leap to the rhythm. Get into a flow and blast through levels at incredible speeds, gaining game-changing abilities along the way.

Download the demo on Steam now!

  • Tight, expressive controls tied to every beat
  • A hypnotic and procedurally generated electronic soundtrack
  • Vibrant cel-shaded art and surreal, music-driven visuals
  • Dodge obstacles and take down enemies that move to the rhythm
  • Powerful abilities and upgrades that transform every run
  • Pick up items that slow time, turn you into a wrecking ball or give you the power of flight
  • Challenge modes and achievements that reward mastery and make the game highly replayable
  • Race to The Orb™ before time runs out (and this world is destroyed)


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