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CODE Bunny

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Artwork by @kansokushaaa

The planet of Lumna is threatened by a group of terrorists called Mad Bunny! Join Axel and Hazel on their mission to fight them, as they discover more about the world and its people, in this fast-paced 2D-action platformer!

CODE Bunny is a momentum-based, melee-oriented platformer where the action is nonstop! Master both character's play styles to deliver flashy and exciting attacks that rip and bounce through enemies and levels!



  • Two playable characters with vastly different gameplay;
  • Fast-paced combat;
  • Beautiful expansive levels;
  • Amazing chiptune soundtrack;
  • Fluid pixel art animation, incorporating styles from many old-school games;
  • Lots of cute bunny people;
  • A story with relatable characters and a lot of multicultural influences;

And more!!

You can also download the game on!

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CODE Bunny has many memorable characters you'll accompany during your ride! But most of the time, you'll be seeing the heroes of this story: Axel and Hazel, in action!



In CODE Bunny, movement and combat are one and the same!

Axel can use the Spin Attack to bounce off enemies back and forth! Gather enough Momentum from your bounces to convert it into a powerful Comet Kick!


Hazel has a large array of moves with her sword. Such as the Ghost Dash, where she can mark enemies with an arrow, then quickly warp to them and cut them down! She converts her Karma into damage, and gets healed of it... until she defeats more enemies.


Controls can be customized in the Options Menu. Glance at the Instructions.txt file for more information regarding Controller Support.

Arrow Keys / WASD: Move

Z / K: Jump

X / J: Attack

Left Shift / L: Spin Attack / Ghost Dash

C / I: Stomp / Arrow

ESC: Pause

How to Install
To install the game, simply extract the folder contained within the .zip file into any directory in your PC, using WinRAR or 7zip.

Then, have fun!

Latest reviews

Lovin this game! unexpected gem!

-cute bunnies
-bunny girl plays like gunvolt's copen which makes me love her more
-polished visuals
-diggidy music

-with bunny boy, at the last level before the goal, you have to bounce on the enemies to get to the top but it's a little harder to spin on an enemy to gain height. I don't think you can spin on top of these 'floating shield' enemies either which makes it a little harder.
-I love the bunny's first form's design and wished you could switch between first form and second form

other than that great game! I look forward to seeing your further development.
This feels really solid to play and two characters with unique movement options makes replaying it a treat. The visuals and sounds are great and really give good feedback when you attack enemies. I look forward to seeing where this goes!


I like this a lot! The layout of the first level was kind of confusing until I decided I should just try to head rightwards and not worry about anything else, It's a neat trick to pioneer a new platformer gameplay where I can look at the trailer and realize I could be playing the game so much better if I practiced more, and yet, still let me have fun and beat the levels even without being that good. High skill ceiling but low skill requirements is a good combination. And it's an even neater trick to do all that twice in the same game with two different characters! Graphically I don't have too much to comment on yet, but the skating running animation is really cute, and I liked the barely-visible foreground trees/godrays in the forest level.

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