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There are so many good things about this project I have no idea where to begin. I love the humor used at the beginning of the game. The one playable stage brings to mind that one cut desert stage from Sonic 2 and I think it is a great setting. One of the things that really wowed me was that despite the fact that this is a 2d platformer, you are not afraid to use different perspectives, as with the boss fight. Another thing I really loved was how the view tended to widen and tighten depending on your location. This will be project I will play again after SAGE.
A solid run and gun game, even though it was only one level. Pixelart is colorful and pleasing to look at. I love the variety in types of shots, you can really get creative with them. If there's one recommendation I could give, add a lock button, I see that you can fire in different directions but it's really difficult to aim without one so adding one would be appreciated.